After a 2 year break, Chuckles the Angry Wolf’s Tasty Nuggetz are making a return to the cyberwebs & it’s back in bloglobal format as the cacophonous, cornucopia of chuckledom could not be contained any longer in e-mail land.  That & I was getting sick of all you people with real responsibilities telling me to not send stuff to your work e-mail.  Well, Johnny Q. Public, I ain’t exactly gonna send stuff to your personal email b/c I don’t want to clog the space that’s reserved for your porn.  No, no, not pornography but what the news has become- weather/natural disaster porn, murder/crime porn, scandal porn, Armageddon porn, financial crisis porn & on & on until there’s more scandals than Peter North got jizz (if you steal that line MCA, I will kick your ass all the way to Tibet).

But enough of that rubbish & poppycock! B/c it’s THAT time of year.  The time of year when the beer gets colder & more plentiful, when all manners of mammal find their way to the grill to become delicious, delicious murder for carnivores & young athletes who may or may not have been able to go to college on their intellect hurl themselves at each other with much violence & vigor.  IT IS FOOTBALL SEASON, MUTHA FUCKAS.  It’s better than Christmas.  It’s better than Easter.  It’s better than Survive Hurricane Irene The Storm Of The Century Media Day.  It’s the time of year when your friends become your enemies, school rivalries become figuratively life & death & your mother will catch just as much flak from you as an opposing fan of a given team if she even has an inkling of pity for another player of said team.

But, like all good tantric sessions this initial post is just setting the stage for the moment when you can’t take anymore & you say “fuck foreplay, I’m going in!”  The moment before the football orgy of the next several months begins.  Just for you to get the blog address.  So, stay tuned to this bloggy blog b/c Scandal Season, or as old timers used to call it, “the off-season” is over.  It’s game week.  It’s Geaux time.  Tell the wife, the kids, the mistress, the lawyer you’ll be back in February… ok, actually with all the scandals flying around the lawyer can come along, but only if he brings the single malt Scotch & the paralegal with the ample bosom that helped pay for her online paralegal course.

So, stay tuned to this blog, bookmark it, RSS feed it, subscribe, delete it, forget it ever existed, whatever.  Later this week, Tasty Nuggetz proper begins…

The seeming theme of the offseason in College Foosball!

  1. Spanky Doolittle says:

    Is. This related to Chik-fil-a? A manager pointed me here for coupons.

  2. curtisimo says:

    This ain’t Chik-Fil-A, foo. We do stuff on Sunday. Like sit on our ass.

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