The Nuggetz… Hopefully this week’s batch will be better

Greetings to all you Nuggeteers both on the email list, those of you who can’t seem to win the good grace of WordPress’ email list & those of you who just don’t care.  Week 1 of da College Foosball was zany with bad uniforms, wild weather & a new challenger to Pam Ward’s “I only have my job because of an affirmative action quota” title.  After listening to her call a game, I’m convinced they are teaching announcer cliché classes in mass comm programs.

Anyway, LSU had ’em some duck gumbo, journalists still fawn over Bama (despite throwing 4 INTs against an awful team) & Auburn needed a minor miracle to pull out a win to appease the thousands of their “fans” walking out with 5 minutes left to play.  Seriously, Auburn?  The FIRST game after a winning a BCS National Championship & you’re walking out with 5 minutes left to play?  Ye War Chickens have that little faith or you just only want to watch blowout wins these days since ye knows the bell will likely toll for thee in 2 or 3 years (as in revoking the BCS title, cough cough)?.  Better polish that Crystal Asterisk, Barners.

To the 1st batch of nuggets!

Oklahoma St. -14 vs. Arizona
T. Boone Pickens’ minions started their annual quest for The Precious last week with a 61-34 drubbing of ULaLa.  Which included a zany pick 6 for the Ragin’ Cajuns & the Cowpokes sporting awful grey/gray uniforms.  Pickens’ Pokes take on a sterner test this weekend against ‘Zona & Mike Stoops.  If Bob Stoops is “Big Game Bob” does that make Mike Stoops “Medium Game Mike” or “Not So Big Game Mike?”  If Brandon Weeden throws 3 oskies against Zona like he did against ULaLa, the Pokes may be in some trouble.  In fact, I think they will be anyway.  This game will also perhaps be a foreshadowing of a future Pac-14/Pac-16 matchup.  Hey, at least the Pac-12 had the balls to actually re-brand themselves “the Pac-12” while the Big 12- with 10 teams- remains “the Big 12” and the Big 10- which has 12 teams- remains “the Big 10.”  Yeah & Southerners are the stupid ones with just jock schools.  Hey, Aristotle Schembechler, you ain’t know how to count, boy?  What about you, Archimedes Switzer?        Oklahoma St. 36, Arizona 27

Arizona St. -7.5 vs. Mizzou 
The other major school from the State of McCain hosts the Mizzou Tigers in a game that I will likely change the channel for on the 2nd commercial break.  You see, ol’ Chuckles has become an SEC/LSU solipsist a bit.  I’ll watch games from other conferences but it doesn’t appeal to me as much as the SECNFL.  But alas, you call me a Homer & I’ll say that yes, I wrote the Iliad.  But in my version, Lesticles of Baton Rouge interrupts the duel between Achilles & Hector, by knocking them out each with a flying stone Lesticle to the head, sacks & razes  Troy & then beds Helen right after killing Agamemnon with the now famed, Jefferson Boot of Death move.  What any of that has to do with Arizona St. & Missouri, I’m not sure other than the aforementioned Iliad remake probably will be the movie I’ll be looking for when I switch the channel from this game.          Arizona St. 41, Missouri 28

  1. Rage says:

    That’s what happens when you pick against the Tigers. Your nuggets go from gold to poop.

  2. curtisimo says:

    Yes, Rage, I underestimated the force of Tropical Storm Lee & the neverending Awesomeness that is Tyrann Mathieu, the Honey Badger. Honey Badger for Heisman!

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