To those of you who know me, you know I’m not a big fan of the Heisman Trophy.  It’s a fanboi award, in my opinion.  It really isn’t about the best player in college foosball.  It usually is about the best QB or RB & in contemporary times it’s usually a good QB or RB on a highly ranked team.

Where’s the love for the defensive players?  Ndamukong Suh was the best player in college foosball 2 years, period, end of story.  This year, watch Tyrann Mathieu.  If not this year, perhaps next, but Tyrann Mathieu is easily one of the best players in college foosball.  Period.  He may end up returning some kicks (which is usually the only way a defensive player ever gets any love from Heisman voter numbnuts) but watch him consistently & tell me he isn’t one of the best players in all of college foosball land.

He’ll likely walk away with the Thorpe award this year or next or both.

Just know when opposing receivers line up & face Tyrann Mathieu, the Honey Badger, this runs through their head in terror.

Honey Badger for Heisman!

Tyrann! Come back down to earth & grant us the good fortune of
your presence amongst us mere mortals! (photo:

The future Heisman Honey Badger 

  1. […] I mentioned in a previous post, Tyrann Mathieu,who is soon to be known nationally as the Honey Badger put on another fantastic […]

  2. […] another case of Honey Badgering in this game as well & Andre Ware is now a proud member of the Honey badger for Heisman campaign.  I done told you, people, he’s. A. F*cking. Phenomenon.  And apparently […]

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