Tasty Nuggetz OMG-Last-Minute-Got Stuck-At-Work-And-Almost-Forgot Weekend Picks, Week 3!

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Tasty Nuggetz
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Well, intrepid Nuggeteers, ‘ol Chuckles/Curtísimo got stuck at work trying to finish some editing for a project & then came home & got himself locked in a battle with sleep causing your favorite snack treat, The Tasty Nuggetz, to come to you late & on gameday for most of you.  Which, of course, means most of you won’t even read this until Sunday or Monday b/c the lot of you have actually lives & responsibilities to do.

How ’bout them Tigers?  Not a fan of Dr. Saturday’s work but there ya go.  LSU’s defense so far this year has been NASTY.  I mean that in the good way.  “My first name ain’t, ‘Baby.’  It’s ‘Les.’  ‘Mr. Miles,’  if ya nasty.

You’ll read more about LSU in the After Dinner Mintz.  As Curtis needs to grab a late bite to eat & then some more sleep before getting up to watch his beloved Gunners in an English Premier League match at 3 AM (EVERY game in Alaska, football or soccer is a “day” game, so no more complaints about ‘day games’ around me, fellow Tigahs!), let’s get straight to the Nuggetz!

Clemson -3.5 vs. Auburn
Everybody in Barnerland has been seemingly suffering from a post-Crystal Asterisk hangover.  This includes Spirit, Auburn’s eagle who recently flew into a window in his pre-game flying ritual.  People in the media don’t have the balls to pose this sort of question or joke but- Was this some sort of protest or show of solidarity or homage to the 10th anniversary of 9/11?  The game was on 9/10, after all.  Sadly enough, tribute or not, this antic has no doubt landed Spirit on DHS’ domestic terrorist watch list.  Especially seeing as Spirit is rumored to be a member of the “racist” Tea Party movement & has several Ron Paul bumper stickers adorned in his aviary.  Ppppshhheeeeeeuuuuur!!!          Clemson 31, Auburn 30

War Eagle is watching you joke about 9/11 and is reporting you as a Freedom Hater, Chuckles

Notre Dame -4.5 vs. Michigan St.
Speaking of important anniversaries, it’s the 5 year anniversary of “The Rant.”  You think Chuckles/Curtísimo can rant?  You think Dennis Miller can rant?  You think Rantards over at The Rant can rant?  Hell, no.  ALL YOUR RANTS ARE BELONG TO MIKE VALENTI- (part 1 & part 2).  Never forget- “MAKE PLAYS!!”  If there was a pic of Patenge sitting alone & despondent 25 yards away from the tailgate proper, I’d post the link HERE.  Anyway, I guess everybody will forever pick Notre Dame as a good team until they actually get good again & then they’ll harangue you with all the “see I told you sos!” despite being wrong for 1,865 times in a row.          Michigan St. 28, Notre Dame 24

Sticky note stick man representation of Patenge following historic Michigan St. choke job at Notre Dame

Florida -9 vs. Tennessee
This rivalry has lost a bit of its luster in recent years as the Vols have endured a rough going in the post-Donut Boy era.  Similarly, the Gators endured a completely bizarro, WTF year last year complete with brain spider cyst/mega-acid reflux death disease/OCD panic attack disorder/whatever that afflicted Pope Urban so much he had to retire in year 1 AT (anno tebow/after Tebow).  Enter the Muschamp & the Dooley, two former Saban apostles.  Both have their work cut out for them this year, Dooley more so than Moosechamp, but both guys are pretty intense & this game should be as well.           Florida 23, Tennessee 21

USC -17 vs. Syracuse
Syracuse are now called the Orange & not the Orangemen? When did this happen & how did I miss it?  Seriously, pc-gestapo?  Was “Orangemen” offensive to some ethnic /political group?  Perhaps, say, people with really bad orange fake & bake tans?  Or was it just offensive because it had “-men” in the name.  Yeah, b/c people are too fucking dense to understand women can’t be involved with “-men” in the title.  Does that mean one day  the pc-gestapo will eventually change plurals in Romance languages since they take the masculine forms in their usage?  There is no truth to the rumor that the other citrus fruits will sue Syracuse for lack of presentation though or that oranges feel aggrieved at the use of “Orange.”          USC 20, Syracuse 14

Miami (Fla.)  -3 vs. Ohio St.
Da U vs. The Ohio St. in what was being dubbed the “Ineligibowl” recently in teh Twitterverse & teh Internets.  I’m sure you could find all manners of wagers on a myriad of possible infractions between the two teams on British & Asian betting sites b/c those nutty foreign bastards bet on everything.  Miami has the recent possible death penalty-level scandal looming in their near future & Ohio St. guillotined the Sweater Vest in the offseason forcing the cancellation of the usage of tried & true sweater vest & creepy white people jokes by old Chuckles/Curtísimo.   Which means I’m rather bereft of a joke here for this game other than “Ohio St.- they can’t even cheat as good as the SEC either”          Ohio St. 34, Miami (Fla.) 24

Blue chip criminal recruit has tough time deciding between Miami & Ohio St.


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