Like the sun, the Tasty Nuggetz will come out tomorrow, trusty Nuggeteers.  Because, you see, ol’ Chuckles/Curtísimo forgot his little cheat sheet with his games picked & crazy ideas at work.  Sheets known as “Curtis’ Brain” by the one day entrepeneur empire of REK.  So, no Nuggetz for now, which is the kind of service you have come to respect the Nuggetz for & it’s low, low price of Free.99.

So…. how’s ya’mom’an’nems?  They get that General Lee t-shirt yet?  In the meantime, if you fellows & fellowettes are into that kind of thing, here’s a basic rundown of West Virginga’s Air-Raid offense from, an excellent LSU blog.  Give dem boys some visits if yous into dat LSU thang, they put out a decent product which also is Free.99.

So I’ll end on this which is a sad, sad state of affairs in our perpetual decline into dictatorship or at the very least a nannyocracy- it is now a felony, yes, a felony to burn coaches in West Virginia.  Really, politician peeples, a felony?  Do people out there in internetland grasp that?  A freaking felony?  That means you go to prison & have “convicted felon” to put on your resume if you’re convicted of couch burning.

So, think about that for a minute.  Theoretically, you could destroy at your will, your property & say no one gets hurt.  BOOM! Tough shit- felony.  Man, I bet some pasty white dickheads & dickheadettes pat themselves on the back mightily for that law written.  Society is no doubt a better place after the passage of this law!  Never mind the crooks on Wall St. & Congress bleeding everybody dry in the slow death of our modern economy.  Nope!  We need to purge the earth of the scourge of couch burning!  Why, it’s almost as seedy & dangerous as mattress tag removal!  Hard time for couch burning?  Can’t wait for jail time for grandma when she burns the omelets on the skillet!

Man, any of you guys remember that time when I lived on Bayou Fountain & my cousin & I had that couch bonfire following the Ole Miss game ca. 1996?  Red Dog went tumbling into the ditch & gashed his leg on a concrete shard & Super Dave didn’t want to bring him to the hospital.  That party was EPIC.  I don’t even remember what happened in the game.  Man, good effing times!

Alas, poor Couch Burning! I knew him, Kippster,
a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.


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