Nuggetz Testimonials!

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Stupid Stuff
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Man, the site is really taking off!  Woo! I mean taking off like & leaping into the skies with all the height of a 3″ vertical.  Don’t take my word for it, take it from some satisfied Nuggeteers!:

“I have been examinating out many of your articles and i can claim pretty nice stuff! I will surely bookmark your website.” – Cathi Follie, Spamsford, Shropshire, UK

“I really enjoy the Nuggetz.  When I don’t want all the facts, it’s a great site b/c most of the facts are wrong.  It’s like better than CNN or Fox or ESPN.” – Wally Heimenbuster, Randipantz, Connecticut

“Hey boy, is you some kinda returd? You jokes ai’nt make no sence.  And you is some clasless punk.  You wish you could a done gone to a big clasy school like Bama, boy.  Come on down to T-town any time & ol’ Billy a give you a country boy ass-whoopin’. Next time you make fun a Jesus I’ll kick yer ass to.  Pencil dick Fag.” – Billy Madden, Houndstooth, Alabama

“Whoa, dood. Like, you know, this site is like, you know, really funny, like, except when it’s like, you know, not funny.  It’s like, the, you know, bomb like except when it’s not, you know what I mean?” – Trey Hardy, Teeshurtvile, California

“I came looking for fishsticks & stayed for The Nuggetz! Thanks, Curtísimo!” – Elaine Poppinsbottom, Lanky Shanks Hollow, Cumbria, England

“Many blessings to you on this todays!  I have exciting money place to make for your person!  I would like business deal for banking partners in Nigeria! Please respond with most haste for great money making chances! Nuggetz & Nigeria in my heart!” – Jobi Kankowundi, Lagos, Nigeria

“I get so mad when I read The Nuggetz.  It’s racist, it’s homophonetic, it’s offensive, and it’s dum.  D-U-M, dum.” – Morika McClain, Kilwhite, Georgia

“Chuckles/Curtis! Call your momma!” – Chuckles’/Curtis’ Momma, Chuckles’/Curtis’ Home Town, Louisiana.


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