Pretty Badass indeed, Sir!

As I mentioned in a previous post, Tyrann Mathieu, who is soon to be known nationally as the Honey Badger put on another fantastic display of ballhawking & creating turnovers & should be a Heisman contender.  Sorry, Mountaineers, Mathieus fumble strip & deflected pass & INT weren’t turnovers given to us except in only the most myopic & biased definition of turnovers.

I honestly believe he is, or should I say should be, the frontrunner for the Heisman Trophy if the Heisman were actually about what it’s claim is- to be given to the “best player in college football.”  However, historically the Heisman usually amounts to nothing more than an offensive fanboi award.  It’ll likely end up being given to the likes of Andrew Luck but if Heisman voters take the time to watch the Honey Badger & look beyond gaudy stat lines that normally blind people with their shininess, they might see what myself & a lot of my LSU brethren see- the bizarro, how-the-hell-does-he-do-it-OMG-I-can’t-believe-he-just-did-that-again ability of taking the ball from his opponents.

And, sorry Mountaineers.  I know you couldn’t stand Mathieu’s trash talking throughout the game & his preening on the sidelines but hey, when you’re a fucking phenomenon that might be transcending the sport itself, you’re allowed to be a bit mouthy & arrogant.

And, yes, LSU gave up 533 yards of offense & 463 yards of passing to the Mountaineers but that’s only b/c it was the will of the Honey Badger to be so & the Honey Badger’s will, thy be done.  Amen.  In nomine Patris, et Filii, et SpiritusMellivora capensis.

I’m reading a lot on the interwebz about Mathieu may be NFL ready right now but I’m not so sure.  I’m not sure only b/c he may even bypass the NFL altogether  & go straight into service alongside Chuck Norris protecting humanity from the dangers of the cosmos.  Coming to SyFy this fall, The Galactic Defenders Chronicles, the stories of Chuck Norris & the Honey Badger.

But for now The Honey Badger has his own Heisman Facebook page & a Mathieu for Heisman Twitter feed which also reminds me, if any of you twits Twitter then you can tweet me at my twatty Twitter twit feed.

Finally, someone’s made a new Mathieu Honey Badger video too:

‘Til next time Nuggeteers, HONEY BADGER DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT!

UPDATE: Tyrann Mathieu the Honey Badger has been named National Defensive Player of the Week (following Mo Claiborne last week; 2 weeks in a row an LSU Tiger has been honored).  Heisman, here comes the Honey Badger!

Resistance to the Honey Badger is futile

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