Oregon -24 vs. Cal
Since Oregon getting semi-pwnanated at the hands of LSU, they have reeled off three straight victories where they got back to their near point-a-minute ways running their record to 3-1.  Cal also comes in at 3-1.  But as you can see by the line, Vegas doesn’t think Cal’s 3-1 is up to snuff.  I’m sure Berkeley probably thinks that Vegas is in on the whole Oregon/Nike sweatshop slavery trade conspiracy & might seek an injunction from the 9th Circuit Federal Court to grant them this victory over the Ducks.  Just sue it! vs. Just do it!          Oregon 49, California 30

Keep sewing, Mai Lin.  Keep sewing.

Boise St. -21 at Fresno St.
A few years ago this would’ve been a semi-marquee game.  A marquee game for sure amongst mid-majors.  Which reminds me, are there low-majors?  If so, who are they?  I-A/FBS schools?  JV squads?  Scout teams?  Anyway, I don’t know much about Fresno this year other than I’m sure people still don’t go there.  Right, Fletch?  We all know how good Kellen Moore has turned out for Boise.  I stress for Boise.  He was “only” the 36th ranked QB coming out of high school & was “only” a 3-star by Rivals.  Can you imagine Rantards going apeshit over him?  “Dood! WTF?! Why is Less Miles’ Dummyhead recruiting only 3 starz, doods?!  I ain’t get nothing but 4 & 5 stars on NCAA Xbox, yo! [Geaux Tigers emoticon]”  Anyway, Kellen Moore certainly wasn’t recruited at the time for his looks.  Go ugly 3-star recruit!         Boise St. 41, Fresno St. 21

Broncos don’t have claws, honey.


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