Ouch! Captain F-Bomb Takes His Own Fans To Task!

Posted: October 6, 2011 in rants, Stupid Stuff
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…………Aaaaaaand that’s what fans outside of SEC country don’t get.  The houses are packed even for crap games, not just the marquee ones.  I just spent 6 months in Alaska where many people are from Washington & Oregon & college football is just a medium blip on their radars.  If they didn’t attend Oregon/Oregon St. or Washington/Washington St. they don’t even care about college football.

Holgerson has a valid point in my opinion.  Although I don’t know if that’s the way you go about making it.  I mean, I would’ve done it that way too but like Holgerson, I’m an ornery cuss. 95,000 for a 1-4 Kentucky (it was 90k, actually) while West Virginia had their stadium only 2/3 full. Yes, it was Bowling Green, you might say but elite programs fill their stadium to capacity or near capacity regardless of whom The Home team is playing. Which is the point Holgerson was trying to make.



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