Don’t be myopic!  Check out some of the other posts! If you don’t, Honey Badger will eat your face off!

“Man it feels good to wear #7”

“I love the fact that Trey Burton from Florida opens his mouth and say OUR SECONDARY is not good, lol Boy you are Soft as cotton! #1Lsu


Even the Most Interesting Man In The World is down with Honey Badger Mania

In the olden days back before Curtísimo had premature grey hair that besprinkled his hair & before he became a fully who-gives-a-f#ck?, play everything by ear kind of guy, I/he would’ve looked down upon the type of arrogance or brashness that Tyrann Honey Badger Mathieu displays.  Nowadays, however, I don’t care anymore.  If the kid can back it up, by all  means, Monsieur Honey Badger, keep it up as long as it makes you play like that every week.

Now available in purple!

UPDATE: EDSBS & LSUFreek at it again with a genius .gif, this time about, of course The Honey Badger!

  1. Shifty Paulson says:

    Chris Rainey is not on the Honey Badger bandwagon!

    @mjdirocco: Chris Rainey on LSU and Alabama: “I felt we was better than them.”

  2. curtisimo says:

    With feelings like that, Rainey should’ve gone to West Virginia! Mighty Gators are now spinning 30 point losses as moral victories?

    Don’t worry, Rainey, it’s “time to die!” for your career soon. You’ll be gone from Florida only to rot away into obscurity on Jacksonville’s practice roster for a few years. Bitches on The Landing beware!

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