First, The Honey Badger & Now, Crocodile Puntee Goin’ Viral

Posted: October 11, 2011 in Stupid Stuff
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LSU is just cooler than your school.  Like American history without Louisiana, college football would be more boring without LSU.  The Tigers put the story in history.  The Tigers are the sexy team.  No game is boring.  Heart stopping wins, cardiac comebacks, crazy ass 4th down plays, grass-eating coaches, Honey Badgers & now, an Aussie rules playin’ Crocodile Puntee “scoring” & taunting against elite programs.  Crocodile Puntee is going viral on Twitter with a punter swag meme.

Taunting penalty or not, Floriduh, our punter made you look foolish & you know it!

Which makes the 2nd year in a row that a kicker has left egg on Floriduh’s face.

The top 2 Heisman candidates, Crocodile Puntee & The Honey Badger

Shortly after this 2nd pic was taken, the spot on the field in Tiger Stadium was scorched permanently from the sheer awesomeness from the 2 internet meme superstars.  The earth’s axis also tilted 1/2 of a degree.  So, expect some odd tides from now on.


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