Oh By The Way, LSU’s Coach Is Cooler Than Yours Too

Posted: October 11, 2011 in Stupid Stuff
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Don’t be myopic!  Check out some of the other posts! If you don’t, Honey Badger will eat your face off!


Can you ever imagine that $aban with his stick in his ass ever having fun like this at a presser?

In retrospect I am so glad the man who hates life, fun (& secretaries) & doesn’t even know how to enjoy himself, or Nick Saban to the lay person, left LSU back in 2005.  B/c we would’ve never have gotten the zaniest, funniest coach EVAR.  Miles just knows how to fun.  He can laugh at himself, which in this age of everybody’s know-it-all, cynical & post-cynical outlooks is refreshing.

And if the above gif isn’t enough for you… Coach Miles shows you why the 11 o’clock show, where he transforms into Milesvis, is different than the 9!:

A hunk o’, hunk o’ burning Miles!  A hunk o’, hunk o’ burning Miles!

Hat tip: Many thanks, to the GIF god, LSUFreek, for his endless gifs & especially for letting us hacks steal them & use them!


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