A football political movement or a subtle sexual reference? 

You’ve heard of Occupy Wall Street.  Now, apparently some SEC fan with a wee bit too much time on his hands (& bless him for it!) has created a mock of the Commie Hippy movement with Occupy Herbstreit.

My particular favorite sign is the “our economy is crashing at SEC speed.”  Although “Radiohead wouldn’t play in the Big East either” is pretty obtuse & clever humor if you ask me.  Even if you don’t ask me, it’s obtuse & clever.

Like Occupy Wall Street, I’m sure Occupy Herbstreit has an incoherent & disjointed message.  My guesses at their grievances would be:

* For Boise State to get a shot at the BCS title game, so they can lose & shut the fuck up once & for all.
* To have a redistribution of BCS titles & tax the rich SEC at greater rates with scholarship reductions b/c of their complete dominance of the SEC
* Nick $aban is to be brought up on corruption charges (along with charges that his hair is too perfect)
* Kirk Herbstreit is to broadcast games for the rest of the year without verbally fellating teams or face fines & jail time.
* An oversight subcommittee with virtually no expertise is to be created to choose the participants of the BCS title game

Wait a minute…. that last bullet point already exists… derp derp.


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