Thursday’s Game
USC  -3 at Cal
Predicted score: USC 26, Cal 20          Actual score: USC 30, Cal 9
Straight up (SU): Won; Against the spread (ATS): Won 

Every time I looked up from the computer or my drink, the kid from Cal was throwing interceptions around like outgoing Presidents throw pardons around.  Despite USC putting up 30 in this game their offense actually looked kind of lethargic to me, having to settle for field goals on a few drives.  U$C would’ve turned those drives into 7 points, where USC had to settle for the field goals…

Saturday’s Games
Michigan St -1.5 vs. Michigan 
Predicted Score: Michigan 28, Michigan St. 27             Actual score: Michigan St. 28, Michigan 14
SU: Lost; ATS: Lost 

Well, I got the 28 points for the winner correct, amirite?  But hey, guess who is tied for the 2nd most interceptions thrown in I-A (eat it, FBS name)?  Heisman candidate, Denard Robinson.  He also has a “stellar” 53.9% completion percentage.  Which in this day & age where you can dump to a back on every play is pretty rubbishy.  If he’s a legitimate Heisman candidate with all those oskies, only proves my point from a previous post that the Heisman is nothing but a fanboi award!

South Carolina -2.5 at Moo State
Predicted score: South Carolina 21, Moo State 20          Actual score: South Carolina 14, Moo State 12
SU: Win; ATS: Win

Well, the ‘Ol Ball Coach lost him a quarterback (that he dismissed from the team) & now it seems he lost him premier running back Marcus Lattimore, to a sprained ankle/knee/leg/talent.  The loss of Lattimore is huge as the SEC (L)East was/is there begging for someone to grab control of it.

Oklahoma St. -7.5 at Texas
Predicted score: Oklahoma St. 37, Texas 27          Actual score: Oklahoma St. 38, Texas 26
SU: Win; ATS: Win

A 1 pt. error either way from my predicted score?  Not bad, El Curtísimo.  Predicted score, actual score, whatever.  It all means one thing- Texas’ Big 12 hopes are pretty much already dead.  So, won’t you join me as we Lament For The Aurochs?

For it is written in Longhorns lore that one day another Vince Young will come & lead them back to Glory…

Tulane -1 vs. UTEP
Predicted score: Tulane 33, UTEP 30          Actual score: UTEP 44, Tulane 7
SU: Lost; ATS: Lost 

Well, that’ll learn me to pick a freakin’ Tulane game.  I guess UTEP didn’t mind that ride in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome…

LSU -17 at Thirteennessee
Predicted score: LSU 30, Thirteennessee  14          Actual score: LSU 38, Thirteennesee 7
SU: Won; ATS: Won

Not even a Peyton Manning booth cameo with Uncle Verne & Uncle Gary could stop the LSU Tiger Juggernaut.  Even JJ Headkicker led a 99 yard scoring drive as the Tigers simply physically wore down yet another opponent.  Thirteennesee was so demoralized they didn’t even attempt using 13 on defense at any point in this game.  If the LSU band would’ve seen Peyton Manning in person, they should’ve played “Neck” to taunt him.  Get it? Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy Peyton…. You talkin’ out the side o’ yo’ neck!

Illinois -4 vs. Ohio St.
Predicted score: Illinois 31, Ohio St. 24          Actual score: Ohio St. 17, Illinois 7
SU: Lost; ATS: Lost

In a game reminiscent of the 1930s, Ohio St. won in a game where the Suckeye QB went an amazing 1 of 4 passing for 17 yards… and a TD.  With play like that, you would think the Germans just invaded Poland or something.

Bama -26.5 at Ole Miss (GEAUX TO HELL!)
Predicted score: Bama 38, Ole Miss 17 (GEAUX TO HELL!)          Actual score: Bama 52, Ole Miss 7
SU: Won; ATS: Lost 

Bama won their 4th national title of the year as they beat a frankly pathetic Ole Miss (GEAUX TO HELL!) team nearly to death.  Despite the win & the obligatory self-awarding of a national championship, Nick $atan’s golden calf statue was defiled, no doubt by some LSU Tigeheretics.  Keep fighting the good fight, LSU Tiger operatives everywhere! Fortuna tigris fortis!

Florida -2 at Auburn
Predicted score: Auburn 34, Florida 30          Actual score: Auburn 17, Florida 6 
SU: Won; ATS: Won


Once again, more LSUFreek genius

Bolstered by the OJ-like $cam Newton decision, Auburn went on to victory over a Floriduh team that is pretty shambolic on offense right now.  Charlie Cheeburger’s offense at one point- screenburger, screenburger, screenburger, puntsi!  The Moosechamp is about to go all Zook on this season & lose 4 (& possibly more) games this year.  It’s the 1st time Florida has lost 3 straight games in consecutive seasons since 1946-47.  Also, based on Chris Rainey’s form in this game, he is likely to be in line for an England call-up the way he kicked the ball around on punts.  Rainey for England!  The way he bobbled all those punts, I now believe he possibly texted “time to die” in error with those iffy hands of his…  Early lines aren’t out yet but the Gators might be an underdog to Open this week.  Wocka wocka wocka!

SMU -3 vs. UCF
Predicted score: SMU 34, UCF 24           Actual score: SMU 38, UCF 17
SU: Won; ATS: Won

Really, who cares other than me b/c I picked the game correctly?  Not even sure if Craig James even cares about SMU.

Weekly record- SU: 7-3; ATS: 6-4
Season record- SU: 36-14, .720; ATS: 21-29, .420


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