After Dinner Mintz, Week 8! Pre-Mega Game Of The Century For This Year Strength Edition

Posted: October 25, 2011 in After Dinner Mintz, Stupid Stuff
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Friday’s Games
West Virginia -14 at Syracuse
Predicted score: West Virginia 44, Syracuse 21          Actual score: Syracuse 49, West Virginia 23
Straight up (SU): Lost; Against the spread (ATS): Lost 

See, I told you being the Archaeopteryxes would be a win for Syracuse!  Too bad I didn’t actually predict them to win the game over the Mountaineers.  Well, if memory serves, the Mountaineers thought the 26 pt. loss to LSU was a moral victory, so is the 26 pt. loss to Syracuse a moral victory, ‘Neers? Derp!

26 point losses aren’t moral victories, boyeeeeeeeeeeee!

Saturday’s Games
LSU -22 vs. Auburn
Predicted score: LSU 31, Auburn 20           Actual score: LSU 45, Auburn 10
SU: Won; ATS: Won 

Holy crap what a beatdown!  Biggest win EVAR in the Auburn-LSU series for either school.  LSU was bringing the hammer in the second half, kidz!  Honey Badger for Heisman?  More like Honey Badger for Whosman!  Not only does the Honey Badger takes what he wants, but Honey Badger’s replacement also takes what he wants as Ron Brooks had a pick six & General Captain Sergeant Lee threw a couple of bombs as did JJ Headkicker!  What is best life, dudes & dudettes?

I said Mathieu for Whosman but I really meant Mathieu for Highsman

* Les Miles is the fastest to 70 wins for an LSU coach.  Not bad for a supposed big dummyhead who has problems with clocks!

Image extracted from Auburn players’ nightmares on Saturday

Notre Dame -8.5 vs. USC
Predicted score: Notre Dame 34, USC 24           Actual score: USC 31, Notre Dame 17
SU: Lost; ATS: Lost 

Man, I can’t get a read on this Notre Dame team to save my life.  Luckily for me, I don’t bet anymore & I still enjoy when they lose.  Even if it was to U$C.

Wisconsin -8 at Michigan St.
Predicted score: Wisconsin 35, Michigan St. 21            Actual score: Michigan St. 37, Wisconsin 31 
SU: Lost; ATS: Lost 

Holy crap, what a finish.  Even as I was basking in the post-Auburn ass-whoopin’ & enjoying even more imbibed spirits at a local watering hole in BR, I was fixed to the television with the enthralling happenstance unfolding on the television between the Badgers & the Spartans.  A last second Hail Mary, nay, last second reviewed Hail Mary!  Play was reviewed, overturned & ruled a TD for the Spartans cue pandemonium in said bar, not b/c there were any Spartans there but just b/c it’s freaking plays like that why we all love college football!

Boise St. -30.5 vs. Air Force
Predicted score: Boise St. 42, Air Force 14           Actual score: Boise St. 37, Air Force 26
SU: Won; ATS: Won 

Occupy Boise defeated one of their oppressors of the Military-Industrial complex.  Occupy BCS!

*          *           *          *           *          *           *          *           *          *

Weekly record- SU: 2-3; ATS: 2-3
Season record- SU: 38-17, .691; ATS: 23-32, .418


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