Week 9 Tasty Nuggetz For The Pre-Mega Super Ultimate Supreme Foosball Game Of The Universe Week

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Picks, Tasty Nuggetz
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Men & menettes, should we even have a Tasty Nuggetz for this week?  I mean A) nobody reads this schlock & B) shouldn’t we all be getting prepared ourselves with preparations for the biggest mega-game of the foosball universe of the century for this year?  LSU v Alabama… it ain’t foosball, it’s ESPN/CBS sportstainment! ©

Man, we LSU types sure like our night games.  So much so there were howls of major consternation as a 70+ year tradition died this year. LSU home games will be picked up by CBS so much that there shall be no night games for the 1st time since before we fought teh Nazis (read as old white type person pronouncing it as “Nat-zees”).  In fact, there was so much consternation that our AD, Joe Alleva had to send out a letter to LSU fandom explaining that CBS had promised to televise LSU-Bama as a night game next year.  This Alleva cat (of the Duke lacrosse & Shady’s parking lot incidents) must have a Political Correctness threat monitor in his office that goes off at the sign of any potential PR & PC problems.

Anyway, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda… on to Teh Nuggetz!

Nebraska -4 vs. Michigan St.
What a helluva finish for Spartanland last week.  A reviewed Hail Mary on the last play of the game where they scored to set of pandemonium, which curiously has nothing to do with pandas.  This is another big game for Sparty as the winner of this one will be in good stead of the B1G+X “Legends” Division race.  Mainly because, personally, I think Michiganh! is a bit of a pretender in the end.  This game’ll go as Tyler Martinez goes, mang.  The dude can be quite erratic but if he is on the ‘Huskers being at home will have enough to outlast Green Sparta!          Nebraska 23, Michigan St. 17

Actually, it’s “This is Sparty.”

Oklahoma -14 at Kansas St.
Oklahoma… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHALMAOLOLLULZLOLHAHAHAHAHA(WHDOHfdwhfowhgvenb[pwo8e1nrfwsd!!!!!j1j1!!!!1!!1!  The Sooners got Tubervilled last week by the Red Raiders & now they face the Fightin’ EcoKats.  You think K-State & Bill Snyder have been conserving energy for this matchup?  Get it?  Get it? GET IT?  Because K-State has EcoKat.  To be fair to EcoKat, she/he/it probably has the same level tactical of nous of Mack Brown who, coincidentally, is a waster.  Of talent.  Big Game Bob vs. Eco Kat… it’s going to be epic… for conservation awareness…  Especially since “Big Game” Bob is prone to crap his pants like last week spewing tons of methane into the atmosphere killing Mother Gaia with its wretched, foul smell…          Oklahoma 45, Kansas St. 24

“Listen to the Kat Lady, cows!  Methane is dangerous! So, quit farting!”

Georgia -3 “at” Florida 
LMAOLOLLULZ part deux!  Like, dude, Georgia is favored against Florida?  Like, dude, like, that’s fucking crazy, bro.  When I saw that I got,like, so mad my fucking tribal armband tat almost boiled off.  Shit, bro.  That’s fucking sick, dude.  That shit wouldn’t happen if Meyer was still here, amirite?  Fuck that shit, bro.  Even if Georgia somehow fucking wins this game, like, bro, they think they seriously could, like, out drink us at The World’s Largest Cocktail Party?  Fuckin’-A it’s going to be epic as always.  I’m definitely gonna get me some ass at The Landing after the game, because, like, shit.  It’s, like, who really cares about the game unless we win, amirite, brosefs? Go Gatuh! Oh yeah… and, like… FUCKING SALT LIFE!          Florida 24, Georgia 20

Fuck yeah, dood!  Beer, beaches & bitches! AMIRITE?! SALT LIIIIIIFE!

Stanford -8 at U$C
With any Luck Stanford should overcome the Trojan sellswords & Kiffykins.  With any Luck this win would legitimize a little Stanford’s ranking as their schedule has been a bit weak so far.  With any Luck this win will give Andrew Luck a lot of momentum for the Fanboisman (Heisman, to the lay person) award in West Coast voters’ eyes.  Unfortunately, for Luck & luck, there is also bad luck.  If Luck has a bad game he will be Bad Luck.  With any Luck I could have thought of better jokes for this game.          U$C 27, Stanford 24

Aaaaaandrew Luuuuuuck! Yeah, Aaaaandrew Luuuuuck!

Wisconsin -7.5 at Ohio St.
This game just got a whole lot more interesting with Wiscy’s last second OMG-their-hearts-ripped-out loss last week to Sparty.  The Suckeyes salvaged some hope for their season after knocking off a ranked Zookinois team last week.  So, playing at the Horseshit, excuse me, Horseshoe, Ohio St. has a fighting chance against BadgerBadgerBadger.  Then again, I probably have no clue what I’m talking about since I’ll just be sitting in a corner trying not to die before LSU-Bama next week.          Wisconsin 24, Ohio St. 13

Ohio…. the Midwest’s Alabama


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