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Posted: October 28, 2011 in Stupid Stuff
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You want yet another reason why I would rather have Les Miles than that stick-up-his-ass Nick Saban?  Here:


Cane & Miles in an epic brofist

Just chill out, man.  No, Saban, you chill out ya perpetually angry douche.  Have some fun.  Pretend it’s an Eagles concert or something for Christ’s sake.  Chill out is Saban-speak for “I don’t want to have to deal with the fallout if I lose to that (alleged) Idiot, again.”  Hey, man, hype is all part of the process, ass.  Oops.

On to a couple of strange, WTF tidbits.  Firstly, there’s the complete farce of a JUCO being ranked in the BCS.  Yeah & us playoff proponents are the idiots, right bowl backers?  Why does a computer pollster take into account teams that aren’t even eligible in the first place?  Ranking all college teams that play football? I understand from a statistical data set standpoint but to not remove those ineligible teams from any final rankings submitted to the BCS is completely absurd.

Never mind your bowl system often means schools that go to the lower tier bowls often lose money on the deal but now your pet institution that is supposed to be a somewhat unbiased & analytical way to determine bowl participants is shown for the complete & utter rubbish it is.  COMPUTERS DON’T THINK, nitwits,  So don’t blame computers for giving your never ending, weird results.  They only spit out results from formulas that HUMANS PICK.  Derp!

Second piece of weirdness & it comes with a bit of history too as Gaysus Christ had a little history of this at Florida but has now upped the ante in the NFL:


Git you some, Tebow!

Maybe it was the tv angle, maybe Tebow is a raging closeted, sexually frustrated gay/bi-curious young man (not that there’s anything wrong with that) or maybe it’s just yet another farce in the pre-2012 Apocalyptic dawn… either way, sometimes it’s better not to think about things too much.  Just say, “WTF?”:

The previous picture makes me think this picture actually makes more sense now


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