Well, here we are at the week of the Game of the Century for this Season™, LSU v Bama!  The Titans to tussle in Tuscaloosa!  The grass-eating, trick play calling, go for it on 4th down like it’s nothing, Les Miles versus the stick in the mud, misanthrope masquerading as a football coach, Nick $aban.  But, time enough to get to that little game later… oh, you tease!

Nebraska -4 vs. Michigan St.
Predicted score: Nebraska 23, Michigan St. 17          Actual score: Nebraska 24, Michigan St. 3
Straight up (SU): Won; Against the spread (ATS): Won 

(skin color football stereotype disclaimer) I’m telling you, Rex Burkhead’s name should be Rex Burkheart.  The kid runs with heart.  He plays hurt, he scores hurt, he doesn’t leave the field hurt like a couple of nippy-footed Ewoks down in Florida.  He gets hurt, he returns to the field two plays later to catch a TD pass.  Meanwhile, Sparty had an offensive output that would’ve made only an LSU ’09 team jealous.  If the Spartans had put out this effort at Thermopylae, there likely would’ve never had been a Western world.  Discuss…

Oklahoma -14 at Kansas St.
Predicted score: Oklahoma 45, Kansas St. 24           Actual score: Oklahoma 58, Kansas St. 17
SU: Won; ATS: Won 

Sometimes, it’s too easy.  A game like this line had almost makes me want to start betting real money again.  A team coming off a loss is a 2 TD favorite over a higher-ranked opponent who was at home?  Vegas was telegraphing this one big time.  Or maybe it knew EcoKat, like many Green initiatives are more hype than substance.

Georgia -3 “at” Florida
Predicted score: Florida 24, Georgia 20          Actual score: Georgia 24, Florida 20
SU: Lost; ATS: Lost 

24-20! Nailed the score!  Too bad I apparently had temporary dyslexic prophecy.  Rainey & Demps get hurt.  AGAIN.  I called one an Ewok above but then again the Ewoks actually helped take down the shield generator on Endor, so actually they’re tougher than Demps & Rainey.  Much tougher.  Yub nub!  All the kids doing that new craze of Tebowing best put it to real use & start praying for another savior.

Wicket, “Time to die, Death Star 2.”

Stanford -8 at USC
Predicted score: U$C 27, Stanford 24           Actual score: Stanford 56, USC 48 3OT
SU: Lost; ATS: Tie (Lost, if you bet) 

Vegas nails the line & everybody loses! Vegas owns you again, boy!  Man that Vegas is lucky sometimes.  This time they were Andrew Lucky.  Wocka wocka wocka.  Just remember, kidz, “the House always wins!”

Sorry, Obama supporters, this picture was too awesome not to post
#I’mbackonthewatchlist (Hi, Gary; Hi, Janet)

Wisconsin -7.5 at Ohio St.
Predicted score: Wisconsin 24, Ohio St. 13          Actual score: Ohio St. 33, Wisconsin 29
SU: Lost; ATS: Lost 

Ohio St. pulled off the upset in the Horseshit, er, Horseshoe & I think both teams scored all of their points in the final 3 minutes.  This game went from like 14-10 or something to the final score in the final 3 minutes when the secondaries from both schools took early retirements.  Don’t look now but Wisconsin is playing like jackpot poopy pants!

Forlorn badger is forlorn after blowing game to the Suckeyes.

Weekly record- SU: 2-3; ATS: 2-2-1
Season record- SU: 40-20, .667; ATS: 25-34-1, .425


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