LSU-Bama Week, ZOMG It’s Footballageddon!

Posted: November 1, 2011 in rants, Stupid Stuff
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Ok, if LSU wins this game this weekend, any idiot pollster who doesn’t vote them #1 clearly invalidates his dumb poll.  It’s one thing for a team to have a #1 v. #2 match-up in the regular season (which hasn’t happened that often), but this’ll make it the second #1 v. #2 matchup for LSU this season.  If they go on to the BCS Title Game in January, they would have a third #1 v. #2 matchup in one season.  If that were to happen I want people to acknowledge the fact that means they would have to be considered in the best team of all-time sort of talks.

However, that’s a good bit of putting the cart before the horse; so, here’s to hoping LSU has a Vulgar Display Of Power this weekend against Bama & uses their Mouth For War:



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