Rumors Of War In Tuscaloosa

Posted: November 2, 2011 in rants, Stupid Stuff
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The thing that makes this LSU-Bama footballageddon matchup so intriguing in my eyes, is the differing contrasts in Miles & Saban.  Saban is the archetypal throwback coach who is the tyrant, the all-controlling, jump down your throat when you make a mistake coach who rules through respect gained through the fear of failure he instills.

As a boxer, Saban would be the cold, calculating fighter constantly probing for weaknesses.  Whilst conversely, Miles is a mix of the old (physical, smashmouth on both sides of the ball) & new (shotgun wrinkles & more of player’s coach).  Miles’ as a fighter would be the street brawler.  Ever dangerous & crazy as fuck.

So, you just know that Saban & his love the process & it’s orderly way fears the chaos, fears the anarchy that facing Miles brings.

Anarchy, chaotic hunters rise
Spit in the evil eyes 


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