Yeah, we obsess over Saban…

Posted: November 2, 2011 in rants
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Obsess in kicking his ass.  Because after Saban left LSU, “they called us a dead generation. They told us that we wouldn’t survive. They left us alone in the maelstrom.  As you can clearly see, we’re all plenty alive!”  Just remember, LSU made Saban as much as Saban ever made LSU.  LSU for years had been called a sleeping giant of a program waiting to be awakened.  So, yeah Saban may have awakened the giant but the tool’s for LSU’s rise to prominence had been there for years (being the only major school in Louisiana, a small but rich natural talent base, etc.).

If you really wanna get technical though, you could argue Gerry Di Nardo actually had started that groundwork when he “brought the magic back” following the disastrous period of The Coach Who Shall Never Be Named Again, but whatever.  That would also be the same Gerry Di Nardo that kicked Saban’s ass in the ’95 Independence Bowl.

BTW, Bammers, ignoring the literal definition for it’s obvious direct connotations to the devastating & deadly Tuscaloosa tornado in the spring, “maelstrom” is a fancy word that basically means a chaotic state.  But I guess I should actually thank you.  For from the chaos of the maelstrom of Saban bolting to Miami, came the Cthulu-like genius & madness of Les Miles… but 30/30-150 remembers, Saban… and 30/30-150 HATES.

I am a fucking machine fueled by the past
Memory’s a memory until it’s a fact
I can bury the hatchet & let some shit go
But I’ve got too many grudges to hold 


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