Right, So Here We Are On Footballageddon Eve…

Posted: November 4, 2011 in rants, Stupid Stuff
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It actually currently is Footballageddon Day (Observed) for you suckafishes in the Eastern, Central, & Mountain zones so it’s practically all done but the shouting now.  And there should be plenty o’ shouting tomorrow.

I’m sure everybody’s seen the brilliant piece on Les Miles & how he tries to balance coaching & family life but it’s worth another read & if you haven’t, please, read it.  It really is a brilliant piece by Wright Thompson who seemingly hits home runs with practically all of his articles.  I actually met Wright Thompson several years ago in Ivar’s following a game & he was a really nice guy.  I believe he was working as one of LSU’s beat writers for the Times-Picayune at the time.  Anyway, point is, read his Les Miles piece; it’s terrific.

You know what else is terrific?  And brilliant?  LSUFreek.  He hits yet another home run but this time he takes his skills to video with Les Miles singing Randy Newman’s “Short People:”

Whole lot of awesome in this here video

I can’t hardly wait until tomorrow at 8 PM Eastern, 4 PM locally here in Alaska for Footballageddon, foos’.  I just hope that tomorrow Les Miles is a street-walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm.  That he’s a runaway son of the nuclear A-bomb.  I hope he is the world’s forgotten boy.  The one who searches and destroys… If you don’t get that reference, here enjoy the study aid:

Look out, Honey, ’cause I’m using technology.  
I ain’t got time to make no apology!


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