LSU-Bama Footballageddon Post-Apocalyptic Aftermath

Posted: November 7, 2011 in rants, Stupid Stuff
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Yea though I walk through the shadow of the Valley of Bryant-Denny, I shall fear no Saban, for The Hat is with me; your Eric Reid & your Brad Wing, they comfort me.         Tiger Psalms 23:4

“Anybody else want some awesome?”

The game was the proverbial smashmouthed slugfest.  All the Madden/NCAA video game wizards & their love of stat lines & exploding scoreboards need not apply to this kind of game.  This game was man football.  Needledicks should’ve stayed at home & watch some spread option team b/c they probably got hurt just by watching this game.  Even Les Miles took a shot from JC Copeland before the game had even started:

“It was the start of a physical game,” he said. “If a player is going to run over the coach just to get to the sideline, well, maybe that’s what was needed.”

Miles, bless you, you crazy bastard. Along with our LSU coach having the joie de vivre!, Les Miles out Saban’d Saban.  Miles has shown (yet again, actually) that he can coach loose.  He can coach tight.  Saban, the genius & ever perceived archetypal coach had two weeks to prepare, remember, & he had bottled it.  A lot of people will never admit it but Saban’s coaching in this game had the look of slight desperation in several moments throughout the game.  I won’t list them all, you people saw the game, you know which calls & decisions I’m talking about.

"Everything is under controoooooooooooooooooooooh shit!"

After all that & Eric Reid’s epic oskie aside- Brad Wing, PunterSwag for Heisman.  I doubt there has ever been a punter as popular in college football ever.  Just follow his Twitter account.  It has blown up big time the past month or so.  But don’t go there if you have a girlfriend.  Brad Wing will steal your girl.  Without even trying.

I’d also like to bring up the fact that we needed JJ on Saturday as well.  There’s a good chance we don’t win that game if Lee plays the whole game as Bama looked like they had started to rattle Lee.  JJ coming in & running the option in the 4th quarter clearly looked to me (admittedly, I was drunk) like it had gotten Bama a bit on the back foot.  To me, JJ’s performance shows it’s about TEAM.  JJ could’ve come back from his suspension & loss of his starting role & pouted like a big baby like a lot of other college QBs have done in the past.  But those pricks that do that really are only worried about their possible draft stock & not the teams they play for.  Miles didn’t give up on Lee, he didn’t abandon Lee.  That’s ridiculous.  Everybody needs to finally realize that Miles isn’t winging everything.  There are methods to the “madness” & just b/c it’s not accepted football stratagems doesn’t mean they don’t have merit.

Dual QB systems can work if done properly.  Another reason while Miles is a genius & you’re the nincompoop- he even makes Dual QB systems work.  The old adage of “if you have two QBs, you don’t have one,” is a platitude spewed by people who think formulaic football plans are the bees knees & the only ways to win football games.  Guess what, imbecile?  It’s 2011 & they’re doing great things with variations on how to win football games.  Get with the program or forever be a Finebaum audience type of fan with a mentality of “run derp, run derp, run derp, unless it don’t work derp & we shoulda passed derp, b/c I know everything on Monday morning derp dammit derp!”  Miles has shown on several occasions that he has a good feel for using a dual system.  It’s not scripted like it was last year.  It’s very evident if you pay even a modicum of attention that Miles uses the dual system this year as a rhythmic or momentum tactic.  Again, it doesn’t mean he’s winging it but tapping into the flow of a game.

The ways of Miles are only mayhem to those who aren’t wise enough to see!

Les Miles was also gracious in victory.  My “buffoon” of a coach still has more class than the rest of you lot’s f-bomb dropping douche offensive wizards & defensive gurus:

“I’d be honored to face that team again,” Miles said.

Honored, yes. I would be too.  However, I wouldn’t want to face them again, personally.  Not saying we couldn’t beat them again but I’d rather not b/c a) I don’t wanna see Bama bro have 2 women leave him in one season & 2) it’d be nice to spread out the ass-whoopage, amirite?

And to all the SEC & low-scoring, defensive football haters- go pound sand for all I care.  How many times do we have to kick your ass at the end of the year before you idiots get it.  You know, I hope you actually never get it b/c I will never tire of kicking the shit out of you West Coast & B1G 10+X fairies in the BCS title game.  Yes, the game was low-scoring.  Yes there were no TDs.  But until I see something in the rulebook about winning games prettily, I frankly don’t care how my team wins.

Anyway, on to some punditry LSU love!

Terry Johnson from this article on CFN:

After tonight’s epic win, LSU has officially erased any doubts about who the number one team in the country is. The Tigers have now defeated six ranked opponents in their first nine games, and have the inside track to win the nation’s toughest division. With such an exceptional strength of schedule, the Tigers could possibly reach the BCS title game even if they lose on of their remaining regular season contests.

Finally, GIF God, LSU Freek, & yet more of his brilliance:



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