Week 10 After Dinner Mintz! aka The Week Bama Un-Won The National Title

Posted: November 8, 2011 in After Dinner Mintz
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PAAAWWWLLL!  Kickers ain’t real football players, PAAAWWWLLL.  They ain’t real football players! Thas’why Bama really won that game, PAAAWWWLLL! Because Bama had better stats from real players!  And LSU got more thugs too, PAAAWWWLLL.  Thas’another reason they really lost & Bama really won, PAAAWWWLLL.  Scoreboard was lying at the end of that game, PAAAWWWLLL.  Bama with real football players own it & LSU only got kickers & thugs & thas’why Bama un-won that game, PAAAWWWLLL!  ROLL TIDE PAAAWWWLLL ROLL TIDE!

Florida -14 vs. Vandy
Predicted score: Florida 27, Vandy 23           Actual score: Florida 26, Vanderbilt 21
Straight Up (SU): Won; Against The Spread (ATS): Won

Well, I was at work & the only game I saw on Saturday was FOOTBALLAGEDDON, foos, but it looks like Moosechomp was able to get the Gators back on track to win.  This win gave him the ability to remain on track & not do a ZOOK.

Alabama -5 vs. LSU

Predicted score: Bama 26, LSU 23          Actual score: LSU 9, Bama 6 (OT)
SU: Lost; ATS: Won

So, some of you have forgotten about the opposite picks, eh?  It’s the sacrifice bunt of picks!  Since I have bad luck & Lady Fortuna seems to like to bestow her gifts to other people, sometimes when I want something I do the opposite, thinking that Lady Fortuna will buy the reverse psychology.  This time it worked.  Booyah, Saban.

“Grant, don’t worry. The wahmbulance is on its way, baby. You got to hold on, baby.”

Air Force -17 vs. Army
Predicted score: Air Force 31, Army 22          Actual score: Air Force 24, Army 14
SU: Won; ATS: Lost

With their win over Army, Air Force are your 2011 Military-Industrial Complex Trophy, if indeed said, corporate industrial complex & their secret world-controlling robber barons indeed exist.  Nothing to see here, move along, go pay attention to the #Occupy(place) movement.  There is no Military-Industrial Complex.  There is no Military-Industrial Complex.  There is no Military-Industrial Complex.

Oregon -16.5 at Washington
Predicted score: Oregon 44, Washington 24          Actual score: Oregon 34, Washington 17
SU: Won; ATS: Won

Dammit, the Quack Attack had a big win over the Huskies so ol’ Chuckles will have to pay full rent next month.  Thanks, Sweatshop Nike Crew.

Cincinnati -3.5 at Pittsburgh
Predicted score: Cincinnati 21, Pittsburgh 10           Actual score: Cincinnati 26, Pittsbrugh 23
SU: Won; ATS: Lost

This game was also on at the bar I watched FOOTBALLAGEDDON at & as little as most people in Alaska care for college foosball, they really didn’t care this game was even being played.  I looked over at the tv to see this game was on & just laughed to myself.  Either that or I was laughing b/c I knew Hot Girl Bama Supporter would soon owe me $10 for Bama’s un-win.


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