Why Do Some People Insist On Certain Things?

Posted: November 13, 2011 in rants, Stupid Stuff
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Ok, you know your team is good when you can sleepwalk & sputter to 42-9 win.  You put some points up (42), you put in some decent yards (474) & get some guys some work in what amounts to a glorified scrimmage & still some people can only talk about how or why Jarrett Lee didn’t start.

Seriously, it was Western freaking Kentucky.  So, why wouldn’t you give Jordan Jefferson some quality playing time against an overmatched opponent & get some work in some situations & formation packages that he hasn’t run in games this year?  I completely don’t understand why some people bitch & complain so much about Lee being “benched” following his poor performance against Bama  (to be fair, it’s a small minority).  Was he even “benched” or was this just simply a case of let’s get some lengthy work for JJ & have both veteran QBs as game-ready as possible?

Why do people view this as QB controversy in the first place?  Why can’t people see that having two QB’s in LSU’s case, only gives them options & versatility going into the last couple games of the season against Ole Miss (GEAUX TO HELL!) & Arkansas.

This is even before we get to the possibility of injury to either QB which have tanked many a teams’ seasons before.  I know some people don’t like Jarrett Lee because he can panic & others don’t like Jordan Jefferson because of his arrest earlier in the year as well as poor performances from last year.  Frankly, I don’t care which one plays as long as we win & I don’t care which one is the “starter” & I will never understand why so many Tiger fans seemingly want to put themselves into camps of certain QB supporters.  I am in the LSU Tiger camp.  I don’t care if it’s Lee, JJ, Mettenberger, Randall or the head of Alfredo Garcia.  If it leads to an LSU win, it works for me.  I’m simple like that.


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