Ole War Skule Review

Posted: November 15, 2011 in rants
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So, last night, as the end of the Green Bay-Minnehaha game got out of hand, I decided to watch Ole War Skule: Stories of LSU Football which had come in the mail yesterday.  Obviously, a movie about the history of LSU football had me very excited & expectations were pretty high.  However, I have to say that overall, I was disappointed in the end product & the film often times fell flat for me, even with Jon Goodman narrating.

It wasn’t a bad movie but it certainly was a bit of a letdown & if I had to give it a grade, I think I could only give it a C, maybe C+.  Even though it was 3 hours in length, & did do a good job of capturing the LSU football experience as more than just a football game, but the editing, which in a few instances was rather abrupt & felt forced, & the order of interviews was at times a bit odd & kind of disrupted the flow of the overall historical story, in my opinion.

Anyway, as I said it did do a decent job of capturing the overall, seemingly mythic experience of Tiger Stadium & LSU game day in general.  They at least touched on practically everything from the Golden Band from Tigerland, to the Golden Girls, to the tailgating food & culture, to the generations of season ticket holders, the political hi-jinx origins of the Tiger Stadium dorms & the often folkloric stories of the teams, players, coaches & big LSU football games throughout the interesting history of LSU Football.  People outside the program often don’t realize that throughout LSU’s history we’ve always had characters, competitive & fierce teams.  Even our bad teams often were still fairly competitive by bad teams’ standards.  Furthermore, LSU has always produced a lot of NFL talent both on good & bad LSU teams.

I could probably bump the grade up to a B- or even a B as time goes on & I maybe get a better feel for the movie but initial thoughts were definitely that Ole War Skule: Stories of LSU Football, fell a little flat for me.  Jon Goodman also was disappointing as narrator as the attempts at  joie de vivre in the narration which would be fitting for a program, culture & the people of Louisiana too often came off as campy & sophomoric.  In short, it seemed like the written narration of the film seemed to me like it was a bit rushed & shallow in its presentation.

Movie was slightly disappointing but it’s still better than a good day at Tulane!


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