Dos A Cero: Ten Years On…

Posted: June 17, 2012 in US Soccer
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That’s right, suckafishes, Curtísimo is back! What with the Euros going on & EPL & CFB season right around the corner, ‘ol Curtis/Curtísimo/Chuckles/Double C figured it was time to get back in business. You still around, Winston? What about you, Conner? R. Kelly? B-Daddy? T-Murder? Alan Vieux? Goudeau? Jabberwocky my ding dong? Bueller?

Anywho, the Germans survived some dodgy Danish & the Neurotic Netherlands surfaced again & crashed out of Euro 2012 today courtesy of a brace from the Diving Queen.

But the real story today wasn’t Timmay’s big bump in one of my Facebook threads (which I promptly deleted b/c of the douchieness), nay, today’s real story is the 10th Anniversary of DOS A CERO.  I’ll pause a moment for the Mexican contigent to prepare some malarkey about recent Gold Cup supremacy. Woopty do!  You know damn well, the World Cup is what matters most & when it mattered most Los Gringos ganado ése culo!

A nicely worked move following a quickly taken freekick, saw Brian McBride finish with aplomb for the US’ opener before Landycakes headed home (Landycakes header?! LMAO, Meheeeeeeeeeco!!1!) for some insurance.

I remembered I stayed up late for this game despite having to work the next day, the game starting at around 2:30 AM CDST if I recall correctly. The old Cuban lady who lived downstairs was probably cursing me under her breath as she tried to sleep but I mean, come on.  Beating your bitter continental rival on the biggest stage in all of soccer to advance to the farthest stage in a World Cup since 1930? Being quiet & not jumping up & down on the floor wasn’t going to happen. Lo ciento, Señora Rego!


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