England Scrape By Ukraine; France Advance Despite Defeat

Posted: June 19, 2012 in Soccer
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Well, the Three Kittens scraped by Ukraine, who with a healthy Shevchenko & with a bit more patience in the final third might’ve punished England on multiple occasions, today by a 1-0 scoreline.  I’m sure the English will be crowing about winning the group but if I were them (& thankfully I’m not) I wouldn’t be too happy about the number of chances Ukraine had.  Doesn’t take a genius (unless you’re English) to have watched that game & seen England’s backline didn’t play all that great.  Ukraine’s overlapping fullbacks, especially Gusev on Ashley Cole’s side gave England some trouble all night long & Ukraine also troubled England on the counter for a good bit of the night too.

In fact, had Ukraine’s goalie not had a cockup & missed the cross on England’s goal & the behind-goal official actually not been blind, England could have lost this match.  yeah, yeah, yeah, “Oy, but d’Ukraine was offsides on the move!, mate. Check yer facts, you plonker!” you say.  But there’s no way the linesman would’ve called offsides where the guy’s toe was in an offside position.  So, shut your jellied eel hole.

Anyway, I’m sure they’ll be scratching their heads as they sob in their beers when they go out on PKs, as they are wont to do in tournaments, to the Italians in the quarterfinals next time out.

In the other Euro match, Sweden downed France, 2-nil but France still advances. Anyway, didn;t watch but apparently there was this golazo in the match:

Ibrahimovic GIF: Zlatan Ibrahimovics Golazo v France

Un goooooooooooolazzzzzzzzzzzoooooooooo.  It’s not total consciousness, mind you, but it’s nice, nonetheless.

England’s 3 stars from L-R: John Terry, Wayne Rooney & Steven Gerrard


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