LSU Wasn’t In Eauxmaha But…

Posted: June 19, 2012 in Stupid Stuff
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If you’re going to choke, choke in style like this dapperly dressed young gentleman!

I had a reason to cheer at the College World Series today as Floriduh became only the second #1 seed ever to go “2 & BBQ” in Eauxmaha.  Floriduh once again coming in as the nation’s #1 seed pooped the bed & this time got beat by Kent St.  Which is strange because Kent is not a state.  Actually, I thought it was a county in England but that’s neither here nor there.  Point is, Floriduh choked again in Eauxmaha & that makes me smile.  I think Nolan Fontana finally leaves the Gators too.  He certainly seems to be their baseball recipient of the Jared Prickett scholarship*

Elsewhere today, in the Euros, Italy defeated Ireland, 2-nil, which ended an entirely dreadful Irish European Championship campaign.  The only thing that worked for Ireland in this tournament was the seemingly never-ending support of their fans which was to be commended.  As for Italy, they were on conspiracy match fixing watch for today’s other game Croatia-Spain but were able to win today (actually, yesterday at this point) over the hapless Irish. The Italians love of conspiracy & possible match fixing charges are hilarious since all the major match fixing scandals of the last 20 years plus has come from… wait for it… wait. For. It. Wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit… Italy.  So, I guess they being the match fixing experts, people should listen to them.  Yeah, right. (Il facepalmino!)

In that other Euro match Spain edged Croatia, 1-0, but I don’t have anything to say about that match since I didn’t see it & was frankly bored to death by the Italy-Ireland match.  Oh, that & I had to run to REI to pick up a bicycle tire tube & a patch kit.  Although as I type this I realize putting the score for said match is saying something about it when I said I didn’t have anything to say about it which I guess makes me a liar.  Or mistaken. Or something.

Tomorrow in the Euros, Sweden play France & England play co-hosts Ukraine, with the latter match, of course, having me hoping for plenty of Three Lion Schadenfreude. Lions are for Lannisters & Lannisters are cunts.  So go Ukraine!

* – Jared Prickett scholarship is a Curtis/Chuckles’ term given to a player who seemingly stays in school forever.  It is named for former University of Kentucky basketball player, Jared Prickett, who seemingly played for UK from the time I was in 7th grade in 1988 until I graduated college in 1998.  Also known as the “Acie Earl scholarship.”


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