Hatem Ben Arfa A New Arsenal Transfer Targer?

Posted: June 20, 2012 in Arsenal
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The Mirror brings us news that Hatem Ben Arfa may be a new transfer target for Arsenal.  However, we look set to do battle with Chelsea, which as we all know if it comes down to money, Cuntski will win that battle.  Luckily for us though, Ben Arfa has raised concerns that he may not play regularly if he were to move to Chelsea, er… Cuntski, as the newly crowned Giant Cunts of Europe have just bought Eden Hazard & reportedly are set to sign Werder Bremen’s Marko Marin.  You can read about Ben Arfa’s comments in the aforementioned Mirror article.

Ben Arfa plays more as a winger & that would increase competition in an area where we have lacked some consistency last year, I’m looking at you Theo & Gervinho.   But I have a guess that Wenger, if he were to buy him, might move him to also play Rosicky’s forward midfield spot in the Arsenal midfield triangle.  Ben Arfa is also left-footed which would make us look to be stocking up on left-footed players for next season’s (possible) signings.

A summer where we were to sign Podolski, Giroud & Ben Arfa would be a very good start indeed.  With Wilshere hopefully due back  from injury at the start of next campaign & no doubt to be hailed as Wenger’s old “he’s like a new signing” tag, next year’s options may be a bit more flexible than last year.  Here’s to hoping they are.

Now, if we could just get rid of the Big Dane, Screendoorlaci, DeNILson & Chamakh, we’d be in good stead, I think.  But since we’ll no doubt miss out on signing Messi, Beckenbauer, Socrates & Müller in their place, to some people it’ll probably still be showing “a lack of feckin’ ambition! Spend sum feckin’ money, for feck’s sake!”

Sign the Ben Arfa, Wengur mans!



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