Germany Bankrupts Greece, 4-2 & Spain Beats France, 2-0

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Soccer
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Friday’s match between Germany & Greece was being watched with bated breath by the European Union countries because of political tensions in recent years between the two countries over government bailouts for Greek civil servants.  Luckily, I only saw the first half before going to work to begin preparing for the company picnic/crawfish boil.  So, I was witnessed to only one Angela Merkel shot following Philip Lahm’s opening goal.

juichmerkel Gif: Angela Merkel celebrates after Philipp Lahm puts Germany 1 up against Greece
Angela Merkel…. or Benny Hill?

So, anyway, Germany dominated the 1st half but apparently Greece knotted it at one 10 minutes into the second half through Giorgio Samaras before Sami Khedira scored a volleyed gooooooooooooolllllllllllazooooooooooooo to put der Germans back in the lead.  Miroslav Klose to the heart, headed home for 3-1, which of course brought out the obligatory Seven Nation Army chant which is now the standard goal chant in Europe apparently.  Marco Reus pounced on a rebound to make it 4-1 to Deutschland before Salpingidisisisisisisisisis notched a consolation PK for Greece to complete the scoring.

So, out go the Greeks from Euro 2012 which no doubt brought much crying at the Yak & Yeti in Anchorage.

Angela Merkel in her days as a bellhop

 LOW CELEBRATION Gif: Joachim Löws crazy hand ringing celebration after Lahms goal put Germany ahead vs Greece

Joachim Löw showing the latest German techno moves

And Spain apparently beat France, 2-0, today which I wouldn’t know about because I was zonked, hungover & exhausted from yesterday’s festivities of the crawfish boil & night out following said function.  Xabi Alonso got both goals for España marking his 100th cap appearance in style.  Highlights from the match can be found here in all the splendor.

So, Spain moves on to face Portugal in what should be a delicious, little Iberian Derby whilst Germany waits for tomorrow’s England-Italy match winners. Gee, we all know how that turns out right?  I’m betting on England to go out on PKs….


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