Battle Of The PK Bottlers!

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Soccer
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So, who do you think will win today’s remaining Euro 2012 Quarterfinal match?  It’s a battle between historical penalty kick bottlers, England & Italy.  Everyone who knows me as a soccer fanatic, is well aware of my low opinion of England as a footballing nation.  They are almost always incredibly overrated as a side & honestly, I think they only have one real World Class player in Wayne Rooney.  And even Rooney, if he were Brazilian, probably wouldn’t even make it into a Brazil side.  That’s just my opinion & I don’t quite care if anyone doesn’t think the same.

But anyway, here’s an interesting article by a former England international, Paul Parker, who claims England aren’t technically good enough to beat Italy & were lucky to have beaten Ukraine in their last group match, an opinion which I completely agree with.

“Ukraine out-passed us and had a perfectly good goal disallowed and if they had had a fit [Andriy] Shevchenko starting I think England would have lost.

“Everyone saw the threat they posed when they went forward and the way England got cut open and kept coming up with last-ditch defending, and you can’t keep relying on that.

Parker goes on to call England’s goal against Ukraine lucky as well & saying Hodgson has to play a tight, rigid style because England just simply lack the talent to play any other way.

“Roy Hodgson is having to play a system which suits what he has got, but if he was to have a Spain or Italy or Croatia or a Portugal or Germany he would know that he could play a more expansive type of football,”

But with England he can’t play that way because his squad is not good enough individually to keep the ball long enough. He knows that the players are not technically good enough or even brave enough to keep hold of the ball which is why he is playing the way he is in the hope that the team can nick something.

“The goal against Ukraine was lucky because it was a cross that took a double deflection and fooled a poor goalkeeper – who looked like what he was, and that was a third-choice goalkeeper – and in the end it helped Wayne Rooney, who was showing that he was lacking match practice but still scored thanks to a goalkeeper who did not look like a proper goalkeeper.”

I dare say that’s a “BOOM!”  A self-imposed one at that.  So at least I have a cohort in my opinion that thinks England will lose today’s match.  I’ll go with a 2-1 win for Italy & refrain from the obligatory “Italian Job” references. Kev the psychic chicken agrees with me as well & how you gonna argue against that?!

3 Kitten PKs

Later, we’ll probably be saying ‘Bud zdorov, England!’


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