Just How Bad Was England’s Possession?

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Arsenal, Soccer
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This bad:

Andrea Pirlo had a 90+% completion rate with well over 100 passes?  That’s just sick.  With all of Italy’s possession & shots (which they shared a 35 to 9 margin over England), the scoreline should’ve likely been something like 4-1 or 5-1 but for Italy’s poor finishing & a couple of last ditch defending plays by Engerland.

And as if the Pirlo Panenka wasn’t badass enough, here’s the secret weapon in Pirlo’s attempt obtained from special North Korean spy footage:

LULZ, Joe!

As for Arsenal news, the Olivier Giroud transfer is all but done per Montpellier’s chairman.  Well, according to him the deal is done but Arsenal.com have yet to confirm.

As of yesterday, Giroud’s signing was supposed to be announced sometime this week Wenger had hinted, so with it past 10 in England right now, I guess we’ll have to wait until at least tomorrow for the news.  My guess would be it’d be announced tomorrow or Wednesday before the Euro 2012 semis.

I won’t even discuss the Giroud posing for a gay magazine story out of France because if that kind of stuff (a footballer/soccer player being gay or associating with gays) bothers you, you need to freaking grow up, move out of the cave & stop breathing with your mouth.


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