As it is with big marquee matches between like-minded teams sometimes, the Iberian Derby contested between Portugal & Spain was played to a nil-nil draw with Spain winning on penalties.  Two great passing teams, two teams that work hard in defense & you get a match where the teams cancel each other.  Although Spain looked to certainly be in the ascendancy in extra time as Portugal looked to have tired a bit.

Spain went on to defeat Portugal, 4-2, in penalties, which of course included a Panenka which is as hot on the streets in shootouts as Seven Nation Army is for fan chants.  Former Arsenal player, Cesc Fàbregas, squeezed home the winning penalty leaving Cristiano Ronaldo, the diving queen, to look on in despair as once again Cesc gets the better of his former ManU adversary at the international level.  As much as CR7 got the better of Cesc at club level, Cesc certainly has the upper hand in international play.

gif1 Gif: Sergio Ramos panenka penalty & Cesc Fabregas winner (Spain) v Portugal

Panenka PKs are all the rage these days…

And not that I’m complaining but why would you have arguably your best penalty taker in Cristiano Ronaldo taking penalties last (fifth)?  It’s a strategy I certainly wouldn’t adhere to as the player may never get to take the penalty, which is what happened today.  Personally, I would put my best taker in the 1st or 3rd spots of 5.  I like the best PK taker in the 1st spot because you want to start the PK shootout by getting on the board or either in the 3rd spot to either continue putting pressure on the opposition takers by hopefully converting the 3rd PK in a row or to regain some composure by slotting home a PK after one of your players might have missed.  Anyway, I’m glad CR7 never got to take his kick because, well, screw that former Man U player, that’s why. BOOM…

Cesc Fabregas Gif: Sergio Ramos panenka penalty & Cesc Fabregas winner (Spain) v Portugal

Cesc says “CR7, you ain’t gotta go home, but you gotta get outta here!”

Hopefully tomorrow/today’s other semifinal between Germany & Italy is a better match that includes goals.  I’d also like to see a red card or 3.  Players have been too well behaved in this tournament for my liking! 😉


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