Here’s a very similar article to the official site’s one but this time from The Mirror & includes a super, duper, sizzlin’ hot, glitzy highlights video of Giroud’s season at Montpellier! Complete with dope French rap music! C’est magnifique!  What did we ever do before rap/dance music was put to highlights?!

Seriously, there’s a lot to like in that video, but then again, everybody looks good in a highlights video.  They’re not called HIGHlights for no reason.

And let the smacktalk begin as Giroud apparently snubbed Chelsea to join the Gunners:

“Why did I choose Arsenal rather than Chelsea?” Giroud told French newspaper L’Equipe. “Because it is a club I love and I thought it would be easier for my adaptation.

Gee, I thought it was all about the trophies, mediatards?  Apparently it isn’t for some players.  So, I guess cue the “oh, well, Giroud must lack ambition!,” arguments.

I would also dispute the previous article’s assertion that Van Persie has been “strongly linked to Manchester City.”  Strongly linked by whom? You?  Because from Van Persie’s words in the past months who doesn’t link himself to Manchester City.  But far be it from me to believe the actual player instead of a news outlet interested in selling papers & drumming up web hits.

Lastly, Sébastian Squillaci is being linked with SEC Bastia who were recently promoted to Ligue 1.  We’re also apparently so keen in offloading Squillaci that a free transfer is being mulled, which I can’t say that I’d be against.  If we’re going to offload all the players we need to, we’ll pretty much have to have cut-rate sales for most of them.

And of course I’m watching the Portugal-Spain semifinal.  I couldn’t do a preview as work got in that way!

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Susanna Hofs must be a fan…


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