He’s Robin van Persie & he leaves when he wants… That coach going to Manchester?

As I was about to leave for a 4th of July trip up to Denali National park to take an aerial tour of Mt. McKinley, I ran across the news that all Arsenal fans have no doubt seen by now that was released via van Persie’s official website.  That is that Robin van Persie, current club captain, coming off a career year, coming off a year which he remained healthy & injury-free, will not be renewing his contract.

Of course, people will freak out over this because of recent history with Cesc Fàbregas & $amir Na$ri but such is football in the modern age & such is football as it’s always been actually.  Nobody gives a thought for 3rd Division Town FC when a Premier League club comes and poaches their best player or their most promising youth prospect.  So we shouldn’t get too hopping mad when it’s done to us.  I know we’re supposed to be a big club & all that stuff but the fact of the matter is, when clubs like Mansour City can come in & not only offer £250,000 a week in wages but be allowed to de facto tap up players through the media then things like van Persie, Cesc, et al. will leave because we simply can not compete with those kind of wages.  Even if the stadium was paid off, I highly doubt we’d ever offer anyone remotely close to £200k a week much less £250k.

Van Persie’s statement included swipes at the club & specifically Ivan Gazidis whom he claimed was “away on holiday.”  To which the club released an official statement themselves categorically denying that.  I’m sure some fans, particularly the “spend some feckin’ money!,” crowd, will side with van Persie because it fits their template that the clubs’ directors & executives are just in it for the money & the prawn sandwiches & the posh vacations.  Which are usually the same ones that complain about Cuntski having a sugar daddy then turn around & pine for our own.

I personally don’t want the club turned into the kind of club like Cuntski where you spend yourselves into debt & fire managers every time a Sky pundit boo hoos about how poor we were or the lack of trophies we’ve acquired in the last X amount of time.  That’s irrational mob garbage.  Peasants & pitchforks.  Uncouth rabble.  If all you care about is shiny trophies & not long-term health & stability of the club then by all means fuck off & go support Cuntski or Mansour City or whomever the next billionaire club du jour is going to be.

It’s well known we can’t afford the wages that clubs like ManUre, Cuntski & Mansour City can offer.  If it comes down to money & with most modern footballers, it does, then we will lose out & we’ll have to go through Arsenalgeddon all over again.  The media will point to us now being a selling a club or a club in crisis & blah blah blah.  Or how we’ll now be a mid-table side without van Persie.  I guess just like we were supposed to be a mid-table side when Vieira left.  Then when Henry left.  Then when Cesc left & now because van Persie will likely be sold (& at this point he has to be sold).  All the while they’ve been wrong, wrong, wrong.  Van Persie will be gone & people will be shocked, shocked!, I tell ya, when Arsenal finishes ahead of Liverpoop & Sp*rs next year & possibly finishes in the Top 4.  AGAIN.

The main thing that is disappointing for me in this van Persie deal is not that he’s leaving per se, but that yet once again, Arsène Wenger stood by an oft injured player & had faith in him by rewarding him with the captaincy & then got himself rewarded by having that faith pissed on.  But such is life as an idealist- you’re doomed to get your heart broken constantly.  At least this time we’ve taken pre-emptive measures with the purchases of Lukas Podolski & Olivier Giroud.  Also, with van Persie leaving this probably means we focus on re-signing Walcott.  I realize that’s a bit of selling the Rolls while keeping the Accord but what are you going to do?  Maybe Walcott finally gets some chances playing as the central striker like he wants.

Yes, RvP, the stench is coming from you I’m afraid.

So, anyway, assuming van Persie leaves, he’ll leave being the last Arsenal player to have won a winner’s medal at club level.  His career league record at Arsenal looks something like this:

  • 2004/05:   26 appearances, 5 goals, 1 assist
  • 2005/06:   24 appearances, 5 goals, 1 assist
  • 2006/07:   22 appearances, 11 goals, 7 assists
  • 2007/08:   15 appearances, 7 goals, 3 assists
  • 2008/09:   28 appearances, 11 goals, 10 assists
  • 2009/10:   16 appearances, 9 goals, 7 assists
  • 2010/11:   25 appearances, 18 goals, 7 assists
  • 2011/12:   38 appearances, 30 goals, 13 assists

Van Persie’s career totals would likely end up being: 194 appearances, 96 goals, 49 assists.  Which is approximately 50 more goals than Andy Carroll will ever score at Liverpoop.

So, van Persie will be gone most likely & at this point- fuck ‘im.  I’m all about who plays for Arsenal not about those who concerns about the direction of the club.  Well, gee, if your concern is so great & you’re the best player then stay, ass.  If not, bugger off & leave the keys on the table.

In other Arsenal news, Denilson does get his loan at São Paulo extended, so for those who would have been perturbed about having to switch back their scapegoat angst to Denilson from last season’s whipping boy, Aaron Ramsey, they can rest assured their churlish ranting can remain on Ramsey.  Elsewhere, Hull City’s Steve Bruce wants to sign Vito Mannone & Joel Campbell does indeed go on loan to Real Betis.

And apparently Arsenal have postponed their trip to Nigeria due to logistics problems.  I can’t say that I’m neither surprised nor sad about this.  While traveling to new markets & continents to promote the team both in terms of exposure & marketing is nice, in terms of fatigue from all the traveling, I’m kind of glad they won’t be going to Nigeria.  The tour to Malaysia is still on, however, with or without RvP.  Which brings me to how I felt following learning of RvP’s move:

I bet you thought I was going to post U2 didn’t you? 


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