Just a quick post for you today since I am still zonked from a 91-hour work week I just went through.  Don’t worry I’m not asking for a medal or even a cookie.  Just a big, tall bottle of Arrogant Bastard.  Oh yes, well-named & well-flavored.

Here’s the official match reports from Arsenal.com for the prestigious, mega-historic, Markus Liebherr Cup for the Anderlecht & Southampton matches.  Quit enthralling stuff.  Although without the big guns of van Persie, Walcott, Arteta, et al. & the new signings, Giroud & Podolski, I may be a bit sarcastic here.  But silverware is silverware, amirite?! It’s about d’feckin’ trophies!! WIN FECKIN’ TROPHIES, WENGUR. DERPDERPDERP.

Ganso to Arsenal is losing steam as his goalkeeping teammate at Santos says he wants to stay.  This follows comments made by Ganso himself saying he would like to stay at Santos as well.  So, maybe it was just his agent angling for a pay increase by threatening to leave. That maneuver seems to be popular these days (Rooney, RvP?, Ganso).  Anyway, it’d certainly be nice if Ganso came to Arsenal but it always seemed a bit of wishful thinking.  So, whatever. WE NEED T’SIGN WURLD CLASS QUALITY, WENGER.  WHY YOU NO SIGN WHEN WE GOT D’MONEY?! DERPDERPDERP.

Moving on to roster matters, here’s an excellent post about the oft misunderstood “home-grown” registration rule.  Has nothing to do with being English & everything to do with being trained in England 5 years before you turn 21.  It’s not a hard concept really, many people apparently just can’t be bothered to read the actual rule.  The main thing to take away from the link is that in our current roster state, we need to move some people on before we can buy another player without having to de-register players & possibly force them to play in the reserves.  I’m not even sure if that’s a doable option because I admit I’m completely ignorant to how that works in terms of the players’ union rights over in England.  If someone knows, I’d love to be enlightened on the matter.

Arsenal’s new “Purple Reign” away kit makes it into the new FIFA 13 video game.  Huzzah!  I like the purple.  All you haters can go hate in your hating hate for all I care.  I might even buy the damn thing.  A Giroud one?  A Podolski one perhaps?  The Ox? Squillaci?  Surely, I jest on the latter.

Finally, in US player news Michael Bradley’s move to AS Roma is finally finalized. That’s a really good move for Bradley & hopefully he can get regular playing time. Ummmmm, finally finalized?  Yes, finally. Right, so not so brief post but whatever, as I stated at the beginning, I’m still zonked from a long work week, where’s that Arrogant Bastard?…

Arrogant Bastard Ale

You are not worthy…


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