Man, did I find a gem for the kind of frothing at the mouth supporter that soccer is known for.  To say this guy went a bit mental is an understatement.  He went so crazy that he sold his Robin van Persie digital trading card in some stupid FIFA 12 card game.  Wow.  You showed him, goofball.  A goofball in a red Yankees hat, mind you.  Hey, stupid, did you know the Yankees have a merchandise agreement with Manchester United & that the Steinbrenner children were looking to buy Sp*rs?  Nope.  Because you’re an idiot.  You’re probably the kind of YouTube poster that goes by some stupid ass user moniker like “ArsenalSouljah,” or “GunnerBoyz69,” or “Numba1Gunna.”  Anyway, thanks for the rant.  You look like a tool.  You’re most likely in the “SPEND SUM FECKIN MUNEY!!1!” portion of our supporter base.  Now go & buy some Denver merch, twit, since those are the teams Kroenke own in the States.  DERP.

So, as you can see there’s a humorous bit of van Persie fallout with the possible real fallout ramifications here.  If van persie wants to leave it doesn’t bother me as much as it would some people although if he ends up at Man U, I will be a bit miffed.  Mainly because those cocks up at Man U don’t need anymore help from the likes of van Persie.  They just need to buy some backup for Howard Webb.  I suggest Mike Dean or that chubby cockass, Phil Dowd.

Com’ join the revolootion at Man U, Rob’o

This way to Man U & cheating cuntery, Robin


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