So What Will The Arsenal Lineup Look Like?

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Arsenal
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Well, I’m glad you asked, title, because I’ve been wondering the same thing.  With three new shiny attacking acquisitions this certainly means a shakeup for the starting eleven, especially has Robber van Parsnip, may be on his way out.

We all know the starting defense will likely be Szczesny in goal with (from R-L): Sagna, Koscielny & Vermaelen in defense along with André Santos & Kieran Gibbs likely splitting time at left back.  The former when we want an outright attacking fullback, the latter when we want someone more defense-minded.

The midfield three likely shapes up to be Song at defensive mid, provided he doesn’t cock off to Barcelona, with Arteta in the middle & either Rosicky & perhaps Cazorla in the advanced midfield role.

Up front is where things get interesting, especially if Robin van Persie has a change of heart & re-signs/stays this year.  It’ll be quite crowded up front even if van Persie leaves & there should be competition for all three frontline positions.  The front three would likely be either (from R-L): Walcott/Cazorla/Gervinho, Podolski/van Persie/Giroud, Cazorla/Podolski.

This is also given we stay at the 4-3-3/4-5-1 we’ve played in recent years but there has been rumors of a switch back to a 4-4-2 & with both Walcott & Cazorla not playing like outright forwards in their past they could end up on the flanks in a 4-4-2 with some combination of Giroud/Podolski/van Persie up top.

My likely shoddy (& confusing) lineup projection(s):

4-3-3 / 4-5-1

Sagna – Koscielny – Vermaelen – André Santos / Gibbs


Arteta – Rosičký / Cazorla

Walcott / Cazorla / Gervinho – van Persie / Podolski / Giroud – Podolski / Cazorla /Gervinho


Sagna – Koscielny – Vermaelen – André Santos / Gibbs

Walcott  / Gervinho- Song – Arteta / Rosičký – Cazorla /Gervinho

van Persie / Giroud – Podolski / Walcott?

Both of these lineups likely leaves a bench of: Fabianski, Mertesaecker, Jenkinson, Diaby, Ramsey/Wilshere, Gervinho /Walcott, Giroud / Chamakh

Now, the main thing to take away from these lineup projections is not the specificities of the names in certain positions but that for the first time in several years we have flexibility in both formation & depth.  Up top we have several combinations we can use that all provide some height, heading, pace, movement, etc.  We haven’t had decent height up top for some time & that will provide, or should provide, another level of versatility up top.

In short, I’m quite excited for Saturday’s friendly against Köln as it will likely give us a preview of how we’ll lineup as first choice for the season (Thank you, Captain Obvious).  But you get the point I’m trying to make- we may lineup in a slightly unexpected 4-4-2 or if we remain in the 4-5-1/4-3-3, we have several interesting combinations we can trot out this season.  This is all dependent, of course, on which players will likely leave the club, e.g. Arshavin, Park, van Persie, etc.

As always…. some comedy:

RoboWenger laying down the law at practice today…

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