Well, in the two days since Arsenal’s goalscoring crisis of a nil-nil against Sunderland.  If you listen to the media & the more twit of the tweeples (people on twitter), not only will Arsenal never ever win again, but we apparently will never ever score a goal again now that Robin van Persie has left us for ManUre.  Oh, which, how did RvP’s debut for ManUre work out?

Hmmmm, started on the bench, played 22 minutes, no shots, no goals & ManUre lost.  If Arsenal’s goalless draw, where we dominated play, was a crisis, I’d hate to know what ManU’s loss to Everton, where their goal was threatened on numerous occasions, would be.  Double-plus crisis?  Arsenal drew, ManUre lost, Sp*rs lost, Liverpool got blown out, Man €ity has to come from behind to newly promoted Southampton… sounds like there be crises everywhere! Oh the humanity!

As you can see my tongue is planted firmly in cheek as in the instant information age every single non-optimal result gets blown into epic proportions so as to rile up the rabble full of Jambos (rabid fans) who in turn get so mad they send offending articles to other friends & fall right into the trap.

As for our supposed goalscoring crisis to our crisis from yesterday, some fans are still left up in arms a bit as Arsène Wenger hasn’t already replaced Song’s departure with three World Class defensive midfielders (not just good, but World Class! derpderp!) who can also pop in 10 goals & hatfuls of assists.  Seriously though, Nuri Şahin’s arrival from Real Madrid is supposed to be done by the end of this week & if the link is to be believed the only sticking point seems to be we’re asking for a buy option at the end of the proposed season-long loan where Real only wants to loan player.

Following Şahin in the transfer rumor mill line is once again, Yann M’Vila, who is the fans #1 choice to replace song.  The Rennes general manager thinks now that Song has been sold that we’ll go back & bid for the French hardman:

20.07 BST: Rennes general manager Pierre Dreossi (sic) think Arsenal will come back in for Yann M’Vila, despite offers from Spurs and Zenit. “When Song leaves, we must say that Arsenal will reinforce that post. Same thing for a club that sells to Arsenal. We maintain our price tag of around ¬20m [£15.7m].”

Ooooooor maybe it’s just a ploy on Rennes to drive up the price on Sp*rs?  If so, then fair play to Rennes.  If not, then I highly doubt Wenger will be dictated to like that as le Boss generally doesn’t get into bidding wars & rarely goes over his own valuation of a player, although admittedly, I don’t know what Wenger feels M’Vila is worth.

Also linked with us today is Cheik M’Bengue, Toulouse’s left back.  I’ll pull out the Football Manager scouting- I’ve only seen him play once or twice, don’t recall anything special but I recall from FM09 that he was a pretty physically gifted fullback & I tried to sign him for my AS Saint-Étienne squad before settling on John Goossens of NEC Nijmegen because of his set piece prowess.

See? Where else can you find that kind of mostly useless, barely relevant anecdotal sort of analysis? Yeyeah!

As for players possibly leaving Arsenal comes this humorous tidbit of Marouane Chamakh possibly going to Sp*rs!:

10.35 BST: ThatMirror report about Chamakh – ESPN understands there is no truth to the speculation linking Tottenham with a move for the Arsenal striker.

No truth in it?  Damn, that’s too bad.  Because that would be fairly hilarious if the Moroccan switched to Sp*rs!  At least until he banged in 12 or 13 goals for Cockenham.

Lastly, a nugget of knowledge to let you know all you need to know how evil Mancunster United is as Satan himself bought a 7.95% stake in the cunts.  This is an interesting move (now, follow me, if you will), especially as General Motors recently signed a huge, potentially $600 million ad campaign with the cunts from Manchester.  We all know GM was the automotive company that received a $50 billion US taxpayer-funded bailout; the company that uses union automotive workers, a group that heavily financed Barack Obama’s presidential campaign along with, though much quieter & behind the scenes, you guessed it, George Soros.  So, it looks like Soros is hedging his bets & the move makes ManU all the more creepy, cunty & seemingly tyrannical.

Ugh, I feel dirty after that last paragraph.  I think I’ll go take a shower.


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