So, with Arsenal news in a bit of a loop with the loan deal for Nuri Şahin all but official & only further transferspeak by Rennes’ sporting director over Yann M’Vila, I think I’ll pester you with a post about my current Football Manager 10 game iteration where I’m managing Bristol Rovers in the English Championship (2nd Division).

Oh & there was also the ridiculous André Santos as Ayrton Senna incident recently.  Come on, Sun, if it was as bad as you say it was (allegedly “130 mph”), why are we hearing about the incident some five days after the fact?  Yes, I’m sure AS11 was terrorizing regular commuters with his evil Brazilian driving & you just know his manager is French don’t you?! All those crazy foreigners just can’t stop dirtying up the idyllic Premier League or the Isle of Engerland…  André Santos dismissed the incident on Arsenal Brasil as “exaggerated.”

Anyway, to the FM10 I was alluding to-  I was promoted last year from the League One (3rd Division) led by the free-scoring “Maltese Messi,” Michael Mifsud & we’ve taken to the 2nd division much better than I thought we would but found the late season run-in a bit of a bother.  We dropped points all over the place to miss out on automatic promotion (West Ham won the division followed by Ipswich in 2nd place both clubs get the two automatic promotion spots) & land in the promotion playoffs where we face(d) Stoke (Reading & Wigan contested the other playoff home & away tie).

Throughout the year we’ve been led by a physical & strong, Danish target man, Marc Nygaard, who received help & goals chipped in by the aforementioned Mifsud & a young, nippy Irish winger, Aaron Doran.  Or as I refer to him- Aaron Feckin’ Doran.  Aaron Doran of the chant that I made up for him:

Aaron Feckin’ Doran!
You know he’s always scorin’!
He’s Aaron!
He’s Aaron!
He’s Aaron Feckin’ Doraaaaaaaaaan!

Anyway, I had to juggle the lineup & formations a good deal in the run-in in the last couple months & FM has made me earn my digital salary for sure.  Our usual lineup looked something like this:

François Herpoel

Carl Regan   ——-   Samuel Traoré  —————-   Corry Evans   ———–   Sylvinho
(Ryan Shotton / Jorn Vermeulen) ————————————— (Ryan Shotton)——————

Francis Coquelin

———————————-Stuart Campbell ————— Sam Hewson ————————–Tiago Silva
(Kieron Dyer) ————— (Stuart Campbell)—-

Aaron Doran ————————————————————————————– Michael Mifsud

Marc Nygaard

Leading goalscorers prior to the promo playoffs were:
Marc Nygaard, 23 goals
Michael Mifsud, 12 goals
Aaron Doran, 11 goals
Rhys Murphy, 8 goals
Tiago Silva, 6 goals

So, facing Stoke City in the playoffs was a daunting task as I got myself a 1-game sideline ban for mouthing off at the piss poor officiating in my last regular season match versus West Bromwich Albion.  Hey, when a ref is an incompetent cunt, why can’t you call him an incompetent cunt?  Ok, I didn’t call him that exactly, I only implied it by saying the officiating was “awful” in the post-match press conference.  Yeah, it was dumb but when you’re on a 7 or 8 match streak where you outfoul your opponent & mostly by a margin of something like 2-to-1, you can get a little perturbed.  No way one team in England, at any level, is that much more physical than another.  It’s fucking bullshit.

First leg went 2-1 to us, however, away to Stoke which, obviously, was a massive result.  Aaron (Feckin’) Doran bagged a brace as the nippy winger’s nippiness was too nippy for the Stoke defense although we did have to survive a second half onslaught by the Orcs from Stoke. It was pretty frustrating not being able to change the tactics while watching your players helplessly do fuck all but sit back & hope the clock runs out before they get an equalizer or winner.  That’s what I get for getting a touchline ban, however.  But as I said above, “Aaron Feckin’ Doran! You know he’s always scorin’!”

We lined up like this:


Vermeulen — Traoré — Tiago Silva — Sylvinho


Dyer ————— Hewson

Doran —————————————- Mifsud


The match stats:

Hmmmmmm, can’t figure out how to print screen or make a screen capture with the goalscorers but I assure you Aaron (Feckin’) Doran scored a brace (in 23′ & 27′) & Rory Delap got Stoke’s goal (in 57′).

So, back we go to the Memorial Stadium in lovely Bristol with a 2-1 lead on aggregate after taking all 3 points away from the Orcs in the Britannia (for you, Aaron!).  The conclusion of the promotion playoff & probably be back to some real news, for Arsenal, tomorrow.  Have yourself a stiff drink & make love to your woman.  It’s what I’d do.



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