I’ve Seen Off Stoke, Can Arsenal On Saturday?

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Football Manager 10
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So, another 2-1 victory for my Bristol Rovers, aka Bristolona, over the mouth-breathing Orcs from Stoke, to win 4-2 on aggregate in my Championship Promotion Semifinal in Football Manager 2010.

Eat it, Tony Pulis.  You baseball cap wearing numbskull.  I don’t care if you had Tuncay & Ricardo Fuller hurt.  You just couldn’t handle the whirlwind, whirling dervish of a winger that is… Aaron.  Feckin’. Doran.  He bagged another goal following our first goal from Marc Nygaard to erase the early arrears that Stoke had opened up through the German Lemmy (Ryan Shawcross), Robert Huth.  Huth’s goal had knotted the aggregate score at two but Nygaard scored a goal from about 25 yards out with a powerful effort that Danish compatriot, Thomas Sørensen couldn’t keep out to give us back the lead on aggregate.  Then, up stepped the nippy Irish winger that vaguely resembles Frodo Baggins/Elijah Wood.  The speedy sprite got on the end of a lovely through ball by normally pantsy, but club captain, & substitue midfielder on this occasion, Stuart Campbell, & poked a shot past Sørensen that just crept over the line after kissing the right post of the goal.  Game.  Set.  Match.  Series.  To Bristolona, bitches.

Again, eat it, Pulis.

On to Wembley!  Bring on Reading! (and back to Arsenal & the real world tomorrow!)

Teh Match Statz!

  1. Lidarmonkey says:

    I found an ad for Football Manager 2010. It looks very dramatic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xu0zMHJzuUU

  2. curtisimo says:

    You ain’t know the half of it, monkey! 🙂

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