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Liverpool manager, Brendan Rogers, writing his lamentations during our winner over the Scousers…

After that opening Liverpool schadenfreude appetizer of a picture, here’s some Arsenal gumbo for you.  Not much going on at the moment because of the stupid international break.  At least this time we don’t have to worry about Robin van Persie’s glass ankles anymore, though now that he’s at Mancunster United busy supplanting the Hairplugged & Bulldog-faced, former English wonderboy, he’ll probably never, ever, ever, ever… ever, ever… ever get hurt again.  “RvP has twice as many goals as Arsenal does, derpderpderp!!”  Yeah, well he has more losses than Arsenal does too, Adrian Derpham.

No Traitor van Stapleton anymore, but here is a list of the Gunners called up to national team duty:

Belgium:   Thomas Vermaelen, D
Côte d’Ivoire:   Gervinho, A
England:   Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, M, & Theo Walcott, A
France:   Abou Diaby (d’oh!), Olivier Giroud, A, & Laurent Koscielny, D
Germany:   Per Mertesacker, D, & Lukas Podolski, A
Poland:   Lukasz Fabianski, G
Spain:   Santi Cazorla, M
Switzerland:   Johan Djourou, D
Wales:   Aaron Ramsey, M
France U-21s:   Francis Coquelin, M

That’s 14 players total away to international sides during the break & unfortunately, this is one of the breaks where two matches are played a few days apart from each other, so there’s double the chance of injury!  Anti-huzzah!

You always cringe at least a little bit when players who are just coming off injuries, either long-term or recent, such as Diaby & Koscielny, are called straight into international duty.  I know national team managers have a job to do & are under pressure to win like any other manager but you just wish there were steps sometimes to give recently injured players to be allowed more rest & exempt them from being called directly back into their national sides sometimes.  Oh well, chalk it up to the perils of having good players that are in good form as well, I guess.

A’ight.  First up in the gumbo ingredients, via Arseblog, is 7amkickoff’s interesting & humorous “by the numbers” feature for the Liverpool match.  Highlight of which is this tidbit:

Moany bitchfaces made when a call did’t go his way: March — September
Louis Suarez: 13 — 16

Next is Zonal Marking’s article (great site, by the way) on the Liverpool-Arsenal match which highlight’s Santi Cazorla’s movement & defensive responsibilities of both sides’ midfields.  Gene, make this site a regular read for tactical based stuff, my man.

Gingers 4 Limpar’s post from Monday, highlighting how partnerships these days are different from the traditional strike partnerships in the days when 4-4-2 reigned supreme.  G4L also has some good videos showing Cazorla’s performance & some waxing poetic about Arteta & Diaby’s performances in midfield which were both quite magnificent.

And here’s more tactical analysis of the Liverpool game from the official site.  It’s another interesting take that poses the idea that depending on the opponent, Arsenal’s 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 can morph from a 4-2-1-3 (as against Sunderland & Stoke) to a 4-2-3-1 with ball & 4-4-1-1 without it where the wide players play much deeper & have more defensive responsibility (as against Liverpool).  All this tactiacl reading gives me the tinglies/frisons!

The U-21s defeated their Everton counterparts yesterday, 3-0.  Sanchez Watt (whom I thought had been released again) scored twice from the spot & Dutch midfielder, Kyle Ebecilio scored late on to lead the Gunners’ B-siders to their 3 successive victory in as many matches.

Also from the official Arsenal site is an article about midfielder/defender, Craig Eastmond, who looks to move positions again & also talks about going out on loan as he did last year for Wycombe Wanderers.  Eastmond definitely is squeezed out by the numbers in midfield at the moment.  I personally think he doesn’t have much of a future at the club as another young player, Francis Coquelin also deputizes as a deep-midfielder/right back role & also with the likes of Chuks Aneke & others chomping at the bit in the U19s/U21s in the midfield positions.  With that said, I would guess he’ll be let go at the end of the season when it’s all said & done as he’ll be 22 soon, and at the age where a footballer needs to play regularly which he won’t find at Arsenal given the quality of choices available.

On to players- one at the club, for the moment- Andrei Arshavin may be on his way back to Russia as the club mull over the idea of letting him go on a free transfer.  CSKA Moscow is reported to be interested (or is it Dynamo Moscow?  The article can’t seem to make up its mind) as Zenit’s interest as recently cooled due to them just dropping a cool €90 million on Hulk & Axel Witsel.  We’ve gone over Arshavin plenty of times before- ton of talent, but getting him to display it is too frustrating & he’s quite lazy in defense, so it’s time for him to move on as he’s clearly not in Wenger’s plans at the moment, even with the recent Walcott contractual spat.

Now, a player no longer at the club & it’s about Cesc.  Who apparently has a sad at Barcelona.  Awwwww…

Right.  So,  there’s your Arsenal Gumbo.  Grab you a big bowl & dive right in.  Later.


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