Oh, My Poor Kangas!

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Football
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Losing sucks…

If I could find streams for it I would follow it more but the Aussie Rules Football team that I follow, the North Melbourne Kangaroos, lost yesterday in the first round of the finals to West Coast Eagles by a staggering 96-point margin, 162-66.

North Melbourne had done well late in the AFL season to maintain 8th place & get into the finals (8 teams make the AFL playoffs called “the finals,” culminating in their version of the Super Bowl which is called, “the Grand Final”) but in the end the ‘Roos were too young & inexperienced.  At least that’s what I’m reading from head coach, Brad Scott.

Over the course of the AFL season (which lasts 22 games), Drew Petrie led the ‘Roos with 57 goals followed by Lindsay Thomas & Brent Harvey with 38 & 32 goals, respectively.  Drew Petrie also co-led the team with 18 behinds a total equalled by Kieran Harper.  Drew Petrie led in overall points with 360.

Oh well, there’s always next year, you Kangas!/Roos!  Maybe even next year I can find streams to watch!

First Round Scores
Hawthorn Hawks 20.15 (157), Collingwood Magpies 15.7 (97)
Adelaide Crows 5.12 (42), Sydney Swans 11.5 (71)
Geelong Cats 11.14 (80), Fremantle Dockers 14.12 (96)
West Coast Eagles *24.18 (162)-North Melbourne Kangaroos 9.12 (66)

Semifinal matchups will be Adelaide v. Fremantle & Collingwood v. West Coast if you wish to search the interwebs for info or scores.  THe Grand Final will be held on September 29th at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, 2:30 PM local time (7:30 PM in Anchorage; 11:30 ET/10:30 CT/9:30 MT/8:30 WCT).


* – Aussie rules scores are read as this: 1st # listed are goals (worth 6 pts.), 2nd # listed are behinds (worth 1 pt.), last # is total points.  So, this scoreline would be read thus: “West Coast Eagles 24 goals & 18 behinds for 162 points to North Melbourne’s 9 & 12 for 66.”


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