ZOMGZ Near Disaster As Arsenal Win 2-1 Over Malaysia XI

Posted: July 25, 2012 in Arsenal, rants
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zOMGz Curtísimo how did Arsenal almost lose to Korealaysia?!?!! Da manager got to put dis write, mans! DERPDERPDERPDERP.

Thanks, Shookie.  Never mind that Arsenal is playing without any of their big strikers, including the two new boys, & several key first teamers, that didn’t stop people from getting into a mild tizzy over Arsenal’s 2-1 friendly win yesterday with two late goals.  Now, I understand people will use the result to point to the same old tired crap people have been saying for the better part of a decade, the old “Look! Look!  See! I told you Arsenal will finish mid-table this year!”

At some point these idiots will probably be right given the law of averages.  Even if it isn’t this year, unless Arsenal were to win a trophy, these some dipshits will point to just that- “B-b-b-b-b-b-but Arsenal didn’t win a trophy! DERP!”  Just as their club is the one who finishes in mid-table like the once glorious Liverpool who is reduced to crowing about winning the Carling Cup.  Yes, you’ll never walk alone winning that piece of shit trophy, Scousers.  Guess what?  The last time you won the league, there was a Soviet Union.  Congratulations.

Anyway, interestingly André Santos started up front on the left in the attacking three.  Not sure if this was out of necessity from not bringing our full complement of forwards or if this is where we’ll be seeing the Brazilian more often this season.  If so, this may mean a promotion to the first team for a reserve like Miquel, though he’s naturally a central defender or if it means Wenger has something up his sleeve in the signings realm.  Or possibly he’s planning one of his position switch magic like he’s done in the past with Mathieu Flamini (who filled in admirably at left back one year) & Lauren (who was originally a midfielder before being converted quite successfully to a very good right back) or recently with Francis Coquelin (who switched to right back at times last year from his normal defensive midfield).

The goals were left late & were scored by young midfielders Thomas Eisfeld & Chuks Aneke, who I have a sneaking suspsicion will noth see some first team action this year while everyone is still waiting on signings such as M’Vila or Nzonzi, etc.  Video of the goals can be seen here.  Also, notice in the video apparently Malaysia also uses an alto vuvuzela as opposed to the normal one… BBBBBbbbbbzzzzzzzzzz

In other Arsenal news, Emmanuel Frimpong was charged by the English FA for using his Twitter account to call a Yid cunt a “Yid cunt.”  Obviously, in incidents where ethnic slurs are involved the FA acts swiftly, decisively & heavy-handed unless of course, you’re John Terry…  Anyway, it’s hard to feel sorry for a Sp*rs wanker being called a “Yid cunt” when they refer to themselves as Yids regardless of the origin of the slur from Jewish supporters of Tottenham.  I mean if calling a Sp*rs supporter a “Yid cunt” is demeaning to Jews, is the English’s regular use of the term “cunt” mean they all hate women?  Political correctness is fucking stupid at times.  Wait, it’s always pretty stupid, I mean it’s overly stupid at times.  If Frimpong was meaning to demean Jews is one thing but in this context it’s quite clear, unless you’re a fucktard, he was referring to someone associated with Sp*rs.  Whatever, it’s all dumb & players in general shouldn’t yap all the time on Twitter anyway.  Unless, of course you’re Joey Barton, Space Hitler & collie molester extraordinaire, which by all means use it as much as you want to show how big of a Limey cunt you are.  Oops.  It seems I hate the English…

Free Frimpong! You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry…


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