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Well, it’s Ole Miss (GEAUX TO HELL!) week for the LSU Tigers in what was once a really big rivalry.  But in the past decade, outside of the Eli Manning years, LSU has definitely reached another echelon for their program whilst Ole Miss (GEAUX TO HELL!) has fallen on hard times.  Actually, the fall is apropos considering even the competitiveness the Rebels had during Eli’s tenure ended falling on hard times, so to speak.

But this year Ole Miss (GEAUX TO HELL!) has fallen so hard so fast that they’ve resorted to giving up the LSU game a week before it’s even started & have decided to concentrate on winning the party with #wintheparty.  That’s terrific, fellas.  It’s that sort of never say die attitude that no doubt led to the North winning the War of Northern Aggression.  But what do I expect from a program that hasn’t won an SEC title since Kennedy was alive (who coincidentally, like Ole Miss’ [GEAUX TO HELL!] program, was killed the very same year of 1963) & worshipped a QB that won exactly fuck all in terms of conference or national championships at Ole Miss (GEAUX TO HELL!)

Furthermore, an already monumental task got even tougher when outgoing coach, the Right Reverend Houston “Giggity” Nutt, suspended 3 key players including the starting QB, Randall Mackey, & team top rusher, Jeff Scott.

So, good luck with your #wintheparty movement & it’s completely overrated chicken fingers under a chandelier fare.  Good luck with your croakies & your cocktail dresses & your Walk of Champions though ye have won naught since Vaught.  It’s the kind of gimmick that you resort to when you get your ass handed to you by Louisiana Tech on your home field & have to face a juggernaut in your own confines.  So, #wintheparty this week.

Funny thing is, as a Tiger fan I know what it’s like to party in Atlanta (FFS, even Mississippi St. has been to Atlanta! LULZ!) & New Orleans as well as Omaha (Ole Miss At Home Again) for that matter.  Ole Miss has the Grove.  (sarcastic loud clap)  That’s cute, Hotty Toddy.  LSU has party campii in 3 different towns where championships have been won on multiple occasions.  I’ll take our parties there any day.  In fact, you can watch us on tv in Atlanta & New Orleans #wintheparty on a big stage again….

I’ll get you a towel, Ole Miss (GEAUX TO HELL!)

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Finally, highlights from last week’s game against the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers:

Only Tiger fans could sit through a 42-9 win & worry about it being lackluster (facepalm)


Ole War Skule Review

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So, last night, as the end of the Green Bay-Minnehaha game got out of hand, I decided to watch Ole War Skule: Stories of LSU Football which had come in the mail yesterday.  Obviously, a movie about the history of LSU football had me very excited & expectations were pretty high.  However, I have to say that overall, I was disappointed in the end product & the film often times fell flat for me, even with Jon Goodman narrating.

It wasn’t a bad movie but it certainly was a bit of a letdown & if I had to give it a grade, I think I could only give it a C, maybe C+.  Even though it was 3 hours in length, & did do a good job of capturing the LSU football experience as more than just a football game, but the editing, which in a few instances was rather abrupt & felt forced, & the order of interviews was at times a bit odd & kind of disrupted the flow of the overall historical story, in my opinion.

Anyway, as I said it did do a decent job of capturing the overall, seemingly mythic experience of Tiger Stadium & LSU game day in general.  They at least touched on practically everything from the Golden Band from Tigerland, to the Golden Girls, to the tailgating food & culture, to the generations of season ticket holders, the political hi-jinx origins of the Tiger Stadium dorms & the often folkloric stories of the teams, players, coaches & big LSU football games throughout the interesting history of LSU Football.  People outside the program often don’t realize that throughout LSU’s history we’ve always had characters, competitive & fierce teams.  Even our bad teams often were still fairly competitive by bad teams’ standards.  Furthermore, LSU has always produced a lot of NFL talent both on good & bad LSU teams.

I could probably bump the grade up to a B- or even a B as time goes on & I maybe get a better feel for the movie but initial thoughts were definitely that Ole War Skule: Stories of LSU Football, fell a little flat for me.  Jon Goodman also was disappointing as narrator as the attempts at  joie de vivre in the narration which would be fitting for a program, culture & the people of Louisiana too often came off as campy & sophomoric.  In short, it seemed like the written narration of the film seemed to me like it was a bit rushed & shallow in its presentation.

Movie was slightly disappointing but it’s still better than a good day at Tulane!

Ok, you know your team is good when you can sleepwalk & sputter to 42-9 win.  You put some points up (42), you put in some decent yards (474) & get some guys some work in what amounts to a glorified scrimmage & still some people can only talk about how or why Jarrett Lee didn’t start.

Seriously, it was Western freaking Kentucky.  So, why wouldn’t you give Jordan Jefferson some quality playing time against an overmatched opponent & get some work in some situations & formation packages that he hasn’t run in games this year?  I completely don’t understand why some people bitch & complain so much about Lee being “benched” following his poor performance against Bama  (to be fair, it’s a small minority).  Was he even “benched” or was this just simply a case of let’s get some lengthy work for JJ & have both veteran QBs as game-ready as possible?

Why do people view this as QB controversy in the first place?  Why can’t people see that having two QB’s in LSU’s case, only gives them options & versatility going into the last couple games of the season against Ole Miss (GEAUX TO HELL!) & Arkansas.

This is even before we get to the possibility of injury to either QB which have tanked many a teams’ seasons before.  I know some people don’t like Jarrett Lee because he can panic & others don’t like Jordan Jefferson because of his arrest earlier in the year as well as poor performances from last year.  Frankly, I don’t care which one plays as long as we win & I don’t care which one is the “starter” & I will never understand why so many Tiger fans seemingly want to put themselves into camps of certain QB supporters.  I am in the LSU Tiger camp.  I don’t care if it’s Lee, JJ, Mettenberger, Randall or the head of Alfredo Garcia.  If it leads to an LSU win, it works for me.  I’m simple like that.

Sorry, Nuggeteers but there may not be a Tasty Nuggetz this week.  It’s already Friday evening & I don’t have the Nuggetz out & as I am about to go eat & have a few drinks & see about a female there may not be Nuggetz this week.  A travesty for all 4 people who read this blog, I know.  I will try to squeeze one in if I get home early enough tonight & or maybe in the morning before I go to work but I wouldn’t hold your breath.  Not that you would.  Hey waddaya want from me it’s a free site & I’m a hack.  Geaux Tigers!

Chuckles/Curtísimo’s biggest fan is hit hard by the news of possibly no Nuggetz.  
Sort it out, Chuckles!

Well, Duh! Punterswag!

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Crocodile Puntee has been named to the Ray Guy finalists list.  Wing would be the 1st freshman to have ever won the award.  He would also be by far the coolest to have ever won the award as well.

Punterswag for Heisman!


It’s Wednesday & Bama has still lost, regardless of how many Bammers think Bama un-won.  ‘Til the end of time, I’d rather be the team with the most points regardless of if I’m the “better” team or not.  How’s that kicker thing working out for you, Bammers?

PAAAWWWLLL!  Kickers ain’t real football players, PAAAWWWLLL.  They ain’t real football players! Thas’why Bama really won that game, PAAAWWWLLL! Because Bama had better stats from real players!  And LSU got more thugs too, PAAAWWWLLL.  Thas’another reason they really lost & Bama really won, PAAAWWWLLL.  Scoreboard was lying at the end of that game, PAAAWWWLLL.  Bama with real football players own it & LSU only got kickers & thugs & thas’why Bama un-won that game, PAAAWWWLLL!  ROLL TIDE PAAAWWWLLL ROLL TIDE!

Florida -14 vs. Vandy
Predicted score: Florida 27, Vandy 23           Actual score: Florida 26, Vanderbilt 21
Straight Up (SU): Won; Against The Spread (ATS): Won

Well, I was at work & the only game I saw on Saturday was FOOTBALLAGEDDON, foos, but it looks like Moosechomp was able to get the Gators back on track to win.  This win gave him the ability to remain on track & not do a ZOOK.

Alabama -5 vs. LSU

Predicted score: Bama 26, LSU 23          Actual score: LSU 9, Bama 6 (OT)
SU: Lost; ATS: Won

So, some of you have forgotten about the opposite picks, eh?  It’s the sacrifice bunt of picks!  Since I have bad luck & Lady Fortuna seems to like to bestow her gifts to other people, sometimes when I want something I do the opposite, thinking that Lady Fortuna will buy the reverse psychology.  This time it worked.  Booyah, Saban.

“Grant, don’t worry. The wahmbulance is on its way, baby. You got to hold on, baby.”

Air Force -17 vs. Army
Predicted score: Air Force 31, Army 22          Actual score: Air Force 24, Army 14
SU: Won; ATS: Lost

With their win over Army, Air Force are your 2011 Military-Industrial Complex Trophy, if indeed said, corporate industrial complex & their secret world-controlling robber barons indeed exist.  Nothing to see here, move along, go pay attention to the #Occupy(place) movement.  There is no Military-Industrial Complex.  There is no Military-Industrial Complex.  There is no Military-Industrial Complex.

Oregon -16.5 at Washington
Predicted score: Oregon 44, Washington 24          Actual score: Oregon 34, Washington 17
SU: Won; ATS: Won

Dammit, the Quack Attack had a big win over the Huskies so ol’ Chuckles will have to pay full rent next month.  Thanks, Sweatshop Nike Crew.

Cincinnati -3.5 at Pittsburgh
Predicted score: Cincinnati 21, Pittsburgh 10           Actual score: Cincinnati 26, Pittsbrugh 23
SU: Won; ATS: Lost

This game was also on at the bar I watched FOOTBALLAGEDDON at & as little as most people in Alaska care for college foosball, they really didn’t care this game was even being played.  I looked over at the tv to see this game was on & just laughed to myself.  Either that or I was laughing b/c I knew Hot Girl Bama Supporter would soon owe me $10 for Bama’s un-win.